Splinterlands Success: The Art of Renting Effective Summoners


Strategies for Renting Cards and Advancing Quickly in the League

Renting cards in the Splinterlands marketplace is a great idea, but there are some important strategies to consider before doing so. Therefore, I want to continue researching summoners that are cheap yet effective in the Gold league. By knowing what cards to rent and when to rent them, we can save a lot of money.

We must understand that Splinterlands is a sustainable NFT collectible card game, and making a good investment is necessary to reach a high league. It is important to have a collection of cards in order to advance. While it's possible to play in the Silver III league with a decent collection, playing in the Gold I league is the most profitable, as it provides daily focus chests that can generate a nice income and increase your earnings effectively. Furthermore, it's important to remember that ranked games can reward you with collectible NFT cards, which can be sold or added to your collection.

My best advice is to rent cards after each season, as many players rent cards a few days into the season. Additionally, it's worth considering renting summoners with gold foil, as having at least one legendary summoner with gold foil can be a great idea. While some of these summoners can be expensive, it's a good idea to consider your deck and supplement it with some epic monsters with regular foils.


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