Staking and Bot Renting in Splinterlands: A Comprehensive Guide

Splinterlands is a fascinating prospect for wholesale investors, but we must consider the sustainability of the project and ask ourselves certain questions before investing in a collection. It's not just about investing in a collection; it's also important to understand that we can mint an NFT and list it on the open market. Additionally, I would like to touch on staking and the SPS token's utility. I will be writing an article soon covering bots renting and other related topics.


Making a Profit with a Bot in Splinterlands & SPS Utility

We must remember that Splinterlands uses the SPS token for governance, similar to HIVE. However, the entire staking system on BSC has piqued my interest as a potential source of long-term income. While Splinterlands can be automated using bots, many players argue that making a profit with a bot is extremely challenging due to players renting cards in the Splinterlands open market.

I believe that to make a profit with a bot in Splinterlands, one must have an extensive collection and a bot subscription for life. Thus, it is crucial to keep expanding our collection of collectible cards. It is also noteworthy that playing in the Diamond I league or even the Champions league can result in significant profits. However, a large collection is necessary to play Splinterlands effectively in the Diamond I league.


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