RE: Voting upon weekly dividends - 2nd vote


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I vote NO, which means please start dividend distribution. This was exceptionally delayed and is not the "raison d'etre" of the Fund.

My main reasons:

  • I'm aware that it will be a low dividend, even if for some of us is not that small, but I have the feeling that the people with less resources or less LBI bought want this to happen and I don't like LBI to be a big ballers club. We need to be sensitive with plebs.
  • Please everyone remember that even if we get dividend, still 40% of it is coming back to LBI to reinvest, so we keep growing no matter what.
  • The recent CUB airdrop and CUB fantastic current and future behaviour , plus project blank proceedings will guarantee LBI is going to be on steroids way more than anticipated. So let's start moving the happiness!

Hope it all makes sense. It's nice to have different views and cool to feel how we are all passionate about our project. Cheers

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