Powering up to 25,000 Hive & 2,000 Leo



As I wrote in the previous posts I am currently stacking Hive Power, Leo Power and SPS.
If everything goes according to plan I will be adding 5,000 HP and 1,000 LP every 2 weeks.

I'm still hoping for lower prices to increase the numbers but the FULL ACCUMULATION MODE is activated.

  • Buy BTC ✅ (done)
  • Buy ORN ✅ (done)
  • Buy RUNE ✅ (done)
  • Buy HIVE & LEO 🛠️ (in the works)

I said I was going to stick to the 2023 plan, and I am 100% commited.
Here's the Hive Power Up.

And here the actual Leo Power balance:

All of my Hive power is currently delegated to @leo.voter and I'm getting a good chunk of LEO everyday. I am happy with the rewards.

I am going to keep accumulating LEO power until I get to 15,000 LP (Lion).

  • Kitten | 1,000 ✅
  • Newborn Cub | 2,000 ✅
  • Cub | 5,000 🛠️(in the works)
  • Lion | 15,000
  • Leader of the Pack | 50,000
  • Apex Lion | 150,000

Keep stacking before Bitcoin starts going vertical!
And stay safe out there.

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25k, Congratulations, that is a massive milestone. I think you've got a systematic way of accumulating Leo and it's going to be amazing to hit leader of the pack. Amazing goals, hope you get to accomplish the rest sooner than later