Who of you like made the process of Mastering in the creation of audio files ?

I like made new tracks music in digital, i like the process of realization in studio, i like to be a label(s) it's very exciting made all the processes of the publication.😜
When i make the Cover Arts of an album, or when i decide what title give at every project (when i made...👨‍🎨) i say "nothing must go" through the 'IO' like artist".😌


In these years when i load a VST Plug-in in VST rack of a Project in Cubase i've to load module called "dynamic", strictly made by me and pre-saved to insert in the channell mixer of what the new VST Plugin is used to edit to make best music and the Volume is very best good!!! 🥔


this is a small but important cubase secret.🎶
by @revideofg