# The Splintergains report - finally playing again and reached Gold league - Splinter Stats Season 66 Report Card



I've been battling hard again in the Splinterlands with my newly acquired airdrop cards (GF Grum is killing it!) and been enjoying the grind again, let's see what it got me in gains the last season.

Splintergains report.gif

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Hard grind to get back up

Something I wasn't expecting was how hard the grind back out of bronze and into silver and eventually gold would be! The meta is so different and the options are limited with non leveled cards and just standard ruleset. I really think bronze league should be revamped. Not in terms of rewards, I completely agree with that although it does have a pay to win vibe. But the fun factor should be the best in bronze if you ask me. How do you entice new players to play this game and stick with it? Bring them unparalleled fun from the get go! It feels like Splinterlands only really gets interesting when you get to silver and start leveling your cards plus encountering interesting rules that can be approached with different tactics.

Room for improvement for sure!

Match Report


Gold Rank3762
Rating2300 - Gold III
Rating High2368
Ratio (Win/Loss)1.35 (191/142)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.25 (15/12/0)
Tournament Reward Placements0/1
Longest Streak12

Despite my grind feeling the performance was decent. Well above 1 ratio and quite some battles. Feels good to be back. Didn't really get involved with brawls yet but that should also get fired up in the next season.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Top 100 Monster Usage


Win Rate by Ruleset


Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard23460
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold00

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲Token
Legendary Potions718🟡 320
Alchemy Potions7613🟡 650
DEC70177-🟣 247
CHAOS Packs011🟡 4000
Cards (Total)131023🟣 460

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned
191🟣 467

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
🟣 1174 DEC
🟡 4970 CREDITS

What did my grind net me in rewards? The report now distinguishes credit and dec value, which makes a lot of sense to me as dec is still way above peg but some items are naturally valued in credits.

Dec rewards weren't great but that makes sense since it's valued dipped and the distribution is lowered, I also battled way too much in bronze and the rewards there are very low. Did manage to get a chaos pack and some epic cards, Still not opening any packs though, not even these free ones. Airdrop points for a pack are better than the expected contents of it and the legendary summoners are still coming, patienceeeee.

Alright let's put everything in the list:

Collection progress since last season

Been buying again! Slight increase in value so we are above 2k again and a power bump, building every season..

Peakmonsters value+power progression (Reversed chronological order):

$ 2,021.19 using Market Prices // 119,252 CP (Burn Value)

$ 1,939.44 using Market Prices // 108,742 CP (Burn Value)

$ 1,120.00 using Market Prices // 46,085 CP (Burn Value)

$ 1,488.78 using Market Prices // 41,535 DEC

$ 2,195.91 using Market Prices // 39,180 DEC

$ 2,499.84 using Market Prices // 38,405 DEC

$ 2,247.56 using Market Prices // 36,815 DEC

$ 1,730.36 using Market Prices // 35,115 DEC

$ 685.38 using Market Prices // 22,380 DEC

$ 781.06 using Market Prices // 20,680 DEC

$ 916.74 using Market Prices // 17,650 DEC

$ 316.49 using Market Prices // 14,840 DEC

$ 111.12 using Market Prices // 13,790 DEC

$ 79.18 using Market Prices // 13,410 DEC

$ 60.42 using Market Prices // 11,880 DEC

$ 34.60 using Market Prices // 9,100 DEC

$ 28.53 using Market Prices // 7,230 DEC

$ 21.32 using Market Prices // 5,320 DEC

🟣 Rental Report

TypeDEC (fees)
Revenue1256.905 (62.856)
Cancellation Refunds0.000

As I slowly cancelled the rentals I had going (rent out) still got me some nice rental income too, not bad on top of play earnings!

⭐ SPS Report

Type⭐ Amount Claimed
Staking Rewards21.624
NET SPS694.488
+ Voucher Drops2.071 🎟️

Nice, voucher drops got added. I think these will add considerable value over time. Getting well over 1 SPS a day from staking, hope to increase this to 10+ at end of airdrop but the APR plays a big role in that. Staking 50 SPS daily now so should be good.

Had fun playing again even though it was a grind to get back up, how did your season work out. Got any got loot? Let me now in the comments!

And if you're not yet playing yet make sure you sign up for Splinterlands here and play some test battles for free. If you leave me a comment I'll try to help you out and answer any questions you might have.

On to the next season!


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Do you get these numbers from a website or is it something you keep track of on your own? Actully pretty cool seeing the in game progression keep it up. Think you'll be getting one of those new summoners?!


Hi thanks for stopping by! The majority of the report is made by Kiokizz and can be found at the end of the post or here: https://kiokizz.github.io/Splinterlands/index.html

Also has a few other tools for the reward card levels by league. The season on season progression is something I add myself and get from the peakmonsters.com website which is another of my favorite resources when it comes to Splinterlands.

Pretty sure I'll get at least one of each summoner as I bought enough packs but would be really cool if I can maybe lvl 1 or 2 up or even get a gold foil. But the amount needed is increasing rapidly so I'm not expecting that to be honest. Already got real lucky with the first airdrops.

Did you get any good airdrops? And how was your season?




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good to see youve made 100x in less than a year


Well, I did buy in hard with the chaos legion and a lot of it is from affiliate rewards. But you even then it's pretty amazing how many possibilities there are to earn with Splinterlands and Hive combined :-)

Thanks for stopping by! How's the rental business coming along these days?