CTP Tips
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-113.846 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.07 CTP for ritxi/re-jongolson-rb3dz6
Author reward: 3.004 CTP for ritxi/kryptomenova-adopce-je-tu-dukazu-je-hned-nekolik
Author reward: 0.238 CTP for ritxi/ceka-nas-bull-run-fundamentalnich-kryptomen
Author reward: 0.293 CTP for ritxi/proc-vrcholi-kryptomenove-cykly-vzdy-koncem-roku
Author reward: 1.18 CTP for ritxi/trpelivost-prinasi-ruze-i-v-kryptu
Author reward: 0.202 CTP for ritxi/vyprodej-kryptomen-v-primem-prenosu
Author reward: 0.095 CTP for ritxi/kryptomeny-se-budou-dekarbonizovat
Author reward: 0.106 CTP for ritxi/dva-dinosauri-kupuji-bitcoin
Author reward: 0.087 CTP for ritxi/nezklame-slavia-na-arsenalu
Author reward: 0.051 CTP for ritxi/cardano-jde-do-afriky
Received 4.129 CTP from blockchainfo
Author reward: 0.084 CTP for ritxi/za-kolik-budete-prodavat-svoje-hive
Author reward: 0.054 CTP for ritxi/swissborg-community-se-rebranduje-na-crypto-challenge-vyhrejte-kryptomeny-diky-tipovani-ceny-btc
Author reward: 0.071 CTP for ritxi/swissborg-crypto-challenge
Received 0.542 CTP from blockchainfo
Author reward: 0.749 CTP for ritxi/will-institutions-sell-their-crypto
Author reward: 0.033 CTP for ritxi/parachainy-na-kusama
Received 91.82 CTP from czechman
Author reward: 0.139 CTP for ritxi/znami-a-zavist
Author reward: 40.457 CTP for ritxi/stavebko-sporak-penzijko-zivotko-investice-krypto
Author reward: 0.35 CTP for ritxi/algorand-projekt-s-velkym-mnozstvim-partnerstvi-ktery-resi-take-digitalni-narodni-meny
Received 6.151 CTP from blockchainfo
Author reward: 0.825 CTP for ritxi/zitra-zacina-jaro-or-lockdown-v-cechach
Received 1.012 CTP from czechman
Author reward: 1.227 CTP for ritxi/ne-uplne-aktivni-na-hive
Author reward: 0.557 CTP for ritxi/3-cryptocurrencies-i-would-buy-in-this-dip
Author reward: 0.986 CTP for ritxi/3-kryptomeny-ktere-bych-si-koupil-pri-tomto-propadu
Received 17.17 CTP from blockchainfo
Author reward: 1.383 CTP for ritxi/liga-mistru-kazdy-den
Author reward: 1.993 CTP for ritxi/altcoinova-horecka-sili
Author reward: 2.918 CTP for ritxi/qekuj4
Author reward: 0.004 CTP for ritxi/qekug9
Author reward: 10.867 CTP for ritxi/passive-income-as-a-target-in-crypto
Author reward: 1.119 CTP for ritxi/budoucnost-a-cil-v-kryptu-pasivni-prijem
Author reward: 1.446 CTP for ritxi/da-se-v-kryptu-jeste-najit-hidden-gem
Author reward: 0.915 CTP for ritxi/pivem-k-adopci-kryptomen
Author reward: 2.013 CTP for ritxi/lone-robot-dalsi-faucet-neboli-krypto-zadace-or-20-dolaru-bonus
Author reward: 0.941 CTP for ritxi/digitalni-doba-podvodova
Author reward: 1.463 CTP for ritxi/qdixnc
Author reward: 1.779 CTP for ritxi/qdidtl
Author reward: 5.087 CTP for ritxi/5-crypto-news-youtube-channels-worth-to-watch
Author reward: 4.2 CTP for ritxi/5-best-crypto-youtubers-for-technical-analysis
Author reward: 2.861 CTP for ritxi/hive-za-4000-dolaru-nebo-za-60-v-pristim-cyklu-mozna-ano
Author reward: 0.287 CTP for ritxi/drugwars-a-budoucnost
Author reward: 3.181 CTP for ritxi/qcof4d
Author reward: 7.308 CTP for ritxi/defi-is-under-my-radar-or-is-defi-yield-farming-a-good-idea
Author reward: 0.29 CTP for ritxi/proc-lide-odchazeji-z-hive-zkusme-na-to-spolecne-prijit
Author reward: 1.766 CTP for ritxi/vychvalte-mi-svoje-altcoiny
Author reward: 1.105 CTP for ritxi/tema-tydne-bohatstvi
Author reward: 1.071 CTP for ritxi/5-best-crypto-youtubers-for-your-educational-purposes
Author reward: 0.776 CTP for ritxi/trocha-charity-jeste-nikoho-nezabila
Author reward: 2.778 CTP for ritxi/qblyvm
Author reward: 18.751 CTP for ritxi/be-successful-by-using-10x-rule-in-your-lives
Author reward: 0.635 CTP for ritxi/samovycepy-pro-dobre-lidi
Author reward: 0.075 CTP for ritxi/lindy-effect-applied-on-crypto
Author reward: 1.113 CTP for ritxi/predpoved-pocasi-a-ceny