#3StepsToday - Try something different.


I just watched @mba2020's video where he tried something new (ie: overcoming and making videos). That was inspiring, and I definitely appreciate it.

Recently we've been discussing how to enrich the experience of others on the blockchain, and commenting and upvoting seems to be the two big portions that I believe we can all do better with.

Sure, everyone likes to see new posts.

Post writers like seeing engagement, upvotes, discussions, comments.... you know.... COMMUNITY.


It's "BOTH" not "Either OR"

I make the mistake often of thinking that I have to do one or the other: post or upvote.

Realistically, I need to do all 3 to have a well-rounded presence on the chain:

  • write posts!
  • write comments!
  • upvote good content!

The screenshot above is one of the hivebuzz rewards or achievements available on the blockchain. I love getting that one, since it means I've been consistent with my posts. :)


The longer you are active, the better the rewards

While many think that the real win is the increased payouts on your posts when you have LOTS of followers who upvote, or when your account is full of Hive or CTP power.

That's short-sighted. The real win here on the blockchain is community.


I've made some great relationships on the blockchain, and for me that will make all the difference as to whether I am successful long-term.

I did include my CTP staking screenshot above to show that the amounts you stake do increase over time, with the more rewards you earn.

Don't believe me? Look at the payouts on some of the bigger fish on here. That's impressive.

The takeaway? They didn't get there overnight.

When we see these folks with plenty of account power, remember that unless they purchased it, most likely it took a while for them to get to where they are.

It's the consistent day-after-day effort that's going to win.

An increase in Hive Index? Woohoo!

I converted some fiat into swap.hive and purchased some additional Hive Index token. I now have 484.4 Hive Index. Nice!

This is a real win, since this token pays out dividends in the form of other tokens. I love this. You can earn lots of different tokens by owning Hive Index. Want to know more? Their site: https://he-index.io/

I believe in Hive, and regularly purchase tokens via my dollar cost averaging method I started using. These regular small purchases of the same amount ($50 in crypto) works for me, and helps me commit to the chain by putting my money where my mouth is. :D

With that, have a great day!


Like the new format? Comment below!

I won't be using this freeform method of posting for long, since I am nearing another 30 day cycle of #3StepsNoExcuses. But for now, I am trying to be a bit more flowing and organic and less formulaic. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


And here's a comment...you ask about thoughts on the "freeform method" of posting. I'm not sure what your other "formulaic" form looks like, but I will say this post was nicely formatted. Clean and simple which always a good thing in my view. !LUV


CR, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

Normally my #3StepsToday posts are the 3 steps for each day, one for CTP, one for List Nerds, and one for Plus 1 Success. However, I finished the recent 30 day challenge where I posted daily about the effort involved.

Now, I am starting a new 30 days soon (Monday is what I am planning), and before that, I am more 'freeform' with my thought process, and not strictly sticking to 3 distinct steps using those precise 3 tools. 😀


Excellent flow the new format works, thanks for the mention 😀 Those 3 steps is really what makes Hive work so well. On 3Speak so far I have posted 3 videos and have 31 followers. Those three videos have grossed about 84 cents, because people upvoted. The comments they left inspire me to make more videos. It never would have happened had I note published those videos. I would like to add, I have friends on Youtube with hundreds of followers and they have not made a single penny from their videos. What we have here is very special, and nets rewards very quickly 😀