#selfie for the win. Today was a good day.

WIN_20210927_22_06_14_Pro (2).jpg

^ Me listening to Daft Punk. I love their stuff. πŸ˜€

Today helped me.

I'm taking an IT Project Management course at work over the next several days and then putting it into practice when I get back into things.

It's been enjoyable to sit, listen, think, and go through these exercises in a group.


I am sooo close to the $100 USD mark in Splinterlands SPS

Checked my @threesteps holdings and I am soo close. I'll do a much larger post for #splinterlands after I break the threshold. Super excited to be working on a side project involving a game. I spent time telling my brother about it this weekend.

Also checked my holdings on hive-engine, and looks good to me. Onward and upward is a nice trajectory. Definitely think this is considered #aliveandthriving πŸ˜€

Peace and Love,


P.S. For those of you interested, I've written a series of posts on using the right tags when posting to increase earnings and get your message in front of the RIGHT people. You can check them out on my @threesteps account.


You will reach that $100 in SPS very soon Rob, keep up the good work and stay !ALIVE