Aesthetics Architectural of Slanik Castle #Part 2


Hello Architecture+Design Community 😊
Come back again with me @romirspc here and today i want to share about another aesthetics architectural building called Slanik Castle in my hometown Lampung and in the same place Slanik Waterpark.


After sharing about Krakatoa Wave Building in my first post on community, Slanik Waterpark still has another unique & aesthetics building called Slanik Castle. This building was created in early 2020 and this is the latest photo spot that has an attraction with a unique design and architecture by adopting the castle in Disney Land but has the characteristic of Lampung culture, namely the TAPIS emblem.

Slanik Castle is at the top so you have to climb several stairs to get there, in addition there is a garden around it with green grass decorated with various flowers arranged neatly so that it is like a castle in general as it is in the kingdom.

On the wall you can see the characteristic tapis emblem that i mentioned earlier, which makes it unique is that this emblem is made from sculptures by building experts and on the left and right sides of the building there are domes with some pointy buildings such as castle in Disney Land. Also in the upper center of the building has a pattern with roses and miniature clocks in the style of castles in Europe.


This building has 2 floors where the first floor contains an attraction called kite bike which is the first kite bike in Sumatra and there are only 3 in Indonesia. The motif on the wall is made like a castle in general with granite-patterned ceilings that make it aesthetic.

Slanik Castle has a staircase to the bottom and top of the castle, if you go down on the wall has a pattern like the one in the cave that will take you to the place of rental gazebo / place to stop by the tourists who visit. If you climb the stairs upwards on the walls and ceilings have abstract granite patterns and you will find the altar of the building and the balcony of Slanik Castle, so you can see the beautiful view of Slanik Waterpark from the highest place.

1617720839693.jpg1617720839697 (2).jpg

Pictured above is a Slanik Castle building that has a unique architecture with tapis carvings combined with a European model castle so it looks aesthetic and has a high artistic value, and the second picture i took with panorama mode with my phone camera, what do you think about this picture looks like? Do you agree with me if this building having unique architecture?

Next i rode a kite bike to take photos of Slanik Castle from a distance, you can see the whole part of the back castle, the building has a height of about 20 meters in total. In the picture you can see how the pole towering upwards has a unique shape such as horns, the shape is a miniature of the SIGER emblem which is the identity of Lampung province.

After that you can see on the wall there are several logos of Slanik Waterpark, unfortunately the image looks less perfect because the sunlight that makes the brightness of the color disturbed but does not reduce the value of the architectural aesthetics on Slanik Castle.

My Selfie Pictures in Slanik Castle






So, here's my presentation about aesthetic architectur of Slanik Castle, hopefully you can enjoy and take the architectural value in this building, FYI for the cost of riding a kite bike is very affordable which is only 1 dollar. What do you guys think of Slanik Castle?

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See you in the next article Architecture+Design Community 😊 😊

All Photos was taken originally by me @romirspc


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The ceiling is as wonderful as the exterior, what a great place. I loved those details. amazing!
Keep posting. hope you have a great day:)