Gold Team Nullified by Magical Attacks. Chest Loot | Splinterlands

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Many of the opponents I've encountered lately have gold NFT cards, so many battles are tougher. This may be due to the decrease in NFT card rental fees. That's why a lot of players are renting NFT cards and getting stronger. I also need to make a good plan about this and get stronger.

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In today's battle, my opponent's gold NFT cards were mostly melee attack monsters. That's why I teamed up with magic attack monsters. This is how I was able to win the battle. If I had teamed up with melee and ranged attack monsters, I would definitely have lost the battle. But I won the battle with good strategy. By the way, all the NFT cards I use in battle are at level 1.

Summoner and Monsters on My Team

Remember battles are team play and good strategy always increases the probability of winning the battle.



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