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Monsters with the Taunt Ability can give their team a huge advantage in battles. All enemy monsters target the monster with the Taunt ability. This means that as long as these monsters survive, other monsters in the team cannot be attacked. Among the monsters with the taunt ability, my favorite monster is the Shieldbearer. Because Shieldbearer has a legendary shield and high health.

Shieldbearer has the Taunt Ability and at level 1 has 4 armor and 9 health. Having high armor and health gives his team a great advantage. No matter what position Shieldbearer is in, all enemy monsters will target him. Also, if there is no special rule in battle, he cannot attack except in the first position. That's why I always place him only in the first position on the team.

If I place Shieldbearer in the first position in the team, I will definitely add a monster with at least one Tank Heal Ability to the team. Monsters with the Tank Heal Ability restore some of the health of the first position monster in each round. This will make it more difficult to destroy the monster in the first position in the team. Also, as long as Shieldbearer is alive, my other monsters in the team will not be attacked, so their health will not be reduced.

If possible, I'll also add a monster with the Repair Ability to the team, so a partion of the armor of the first position monster is repaired each turn. Finally, I add a monster with the Strengthen Ability to the team. Monsters with the Strengthen Ability increase the health of all friendly monsters.

My whole strategy is to make it harder for the first position monster on my team to be destroyed. Because until he is destroyed, the other monsters in my team will not be attacked. If my strategy works well in battle, my team will most likely win the battle.

For such a strategy, the battle must be over 30 mana.

Battle Link

Today's battle was a 46 mana battle and the conditions were quite suitable for the strategy I described. Only magic attacks could force my team, luckily there was only one magic attacker on the opposing team. I recommend watching the battle in the video. My strategy worked very well in this battle and my team won the battle. By the way, all the NFT cards I use in battle are at level 1.

Summoner And Other Monsters In The Team

GENERAL SLOAN is the Life Summoner and one of my favorite summoners. GENERAL SLOAN grants +1 Ranged Attack to all friendly Ranged Attack Monsters.

DJINN RENOVA has the Strengthen ability and can do 2 magic attacks at level 1. DJINN RENOVA increases the health of all friendly monsters by +1.

ADELADE BRIGHTWING has the ability to flying and Repair. Thanks to her Repair Ability, She restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage.

VENARI CRYSTALSMITH has Tank Heal Ability and can do 1 range attack at level 1. She restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round, thanks to her Tank Heal Ability.

PELACOR ARBALEST has a Double Strike ability. PELACOR ARBALEST attacks target monsters twice each round. These attacks are devastating against enemy monsters.

Mantoid has the Snipe Ability. Monsters with the Snipe ability targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.

Remember battles are team play and good strategy always increases the probability of winning the battle.

Battle Link

What do you think of this Battle and Taunt Ability?

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