Rising Star Giveaway - Win 2000 STARBITS + 1 LEO And Opening NFT Pack & My Stats (Ends 21 September UTC+4)

I'm currently level 118 (1486 / 5900) in the Rising Star Game and I'm doing my best to level up and grow my account. I completed a total of 17 missions today. Also, The total number of missions I completed reached 6012. And I am opening an NFT packs to strengthen my account in the Rising Star Game.

I also organize a giveaway in every my post about Rising Star Game. You can win 2000 Starbits (+1 LEO) by participating in this giveaway.

NFT cards that came out of the pack I opened


i89 DLG 10 Common NFT Card's total supply is 25000 and has 0 fans, 0 skill, 1 luck and 0 IM. Its price starts at 396 Starbits in the market.

i95 Bata Drum Common NFT Card's total supply is 25000 has 0 fans, 0 skill, 5 luck and 0 IM. Its price starts at 400 Starbits in the market.

R233 Rain Stick Rare NFT Card's total supply is 10000 and has 0 fans, 0 skill, 50 luck and 0 IM. Its price starts at 3310 Starbits in the market.

My Stats on Rising Star Game


Today's Giveaway

You can win 2000 STARBITS (+1 LEO) by participating in today's giveaway.

Detailed information about the Giveaway and Rules is below, please read it carefully.

I wish good luck to all players participating in Today's Giveaway.

Additionally, the winner will earn an additional 1 #LEO if they comment using the #LeoFinance interface.

Note : If the winner does not win LEO in this giveaway, LEO will rollover to the next giveaway. In other words, if the winner of this giveaway did not use the #LeoFinance interface, he or she will not be eligible for 1 LEO reward, and the reward of the next giveaway will be 2 LEO.

Results of Last Giveaway

The post that is the subject of the giveaway : Click for the post

Participants in the Giveaway

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Congratulations @azj26 your rewards has been sent. You have earned an additional 2 #LEO for using the #LeoFinance interface while commenting.

Transaction TX For STARBITS : 4f7ed958de5f1eeb94f1da9da0e0e90ed85321a7
Transaction TX For LEO : be6aa860d2486b13ed05c0482fecaabc8f13e51c

Thanks to everyone who participated. You can follow all the giveaways on my blog.

Giveaway And Rules (Win 2000 STARBITS + 1 LEO)

  • To participate in the giveaway, just leave a comment. If your Rising Star username is different from your post name, make sure to include it in the comment.
  • Upvotes and following are not required to participate, but your support is appreciated.
  • I will use the Hive Random Picker to determine the winner. (Consider comments and Remove bots will be set to selected.)(If there is a problem with the Hive Random Picker, I will use Wheelofnames to determine the winner.)
  • End date to participate is September 21, 2022 (UTC+4)
  • I will announce the winner in next my post after the giveaway ends.
  • In addition, if the winner commented using the LeoFinance interface, they will earn an additional 1 #LEO.
  • I will also manually check the list. I will delete bot and spam looking accounts from the list. Also, those who make more than one unnecessary comment will be considered as spam.
  • You can also tag your friends in your comment to let your friends know about this giveaway.

If you have any suggestions or warnings, please let me know. You can let me know your ideas, advice and suggestions about the giveaway. Also, if you have anything to ask about Rising Star Game and HIVE, please feel free to ask. I would be happy to assist you to the best of my knowledge.

If you liked this post, please give an upvote and reblog for support and for more people to see it. And feel free to comment. And You can follow me to be informed about all the giveaways.

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For $STARPRO Trading, you can visit LeoDex, Tribadex, Hive-Engine.


If you want to join the Rising Star Game, my reference link.

Thanks To Everyone Who Supported.

Thank you for reading.


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I want to participate @yeckingo1
Thank you very much for the giveaway and good luck to all the participants.


hi there RT Online
It is Monday already! Anyway please count me in for your give away today @tengolotodo
Congratulations to the previous winner!
Good luck to us all and have a rocking week.

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