Let's talk about DJINN APPRENTICE this week for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge. DJINN APPRENTICE is a powerful magician that can help you win the most difficult battles. Djinn Apprentice attacks the target with Magic Attacks and can be quite effective in battles. A rare NFT Card, Djinn Apprentice belongs to the Chaos Legion edition and costs 5 mana. Frankly, it is remarkable that although it costs 5 mana, it can attack the target with very powerful Magic Attacks. Also, the Djinn Apprentice is a Fire Unit Mosnter, but I generally prefer to use this NFT card with the Dragon Summoner. Delwyn Dragonscale gives +1 Magic Attack to all friendly Magic Attack Monsters, this way Djinn Apprentice attacks targets much more powerfully. Indeed, magic attacks are very effective in battles, so I prefer magicians in most battles, and I can say that I prefer powerful magicians like Djinn Apprentice much more.


DJINN APPRENTICE has the Deathblow Ability at level 6. Although it seems like a disadvantage not having any other abilities, I can say that the Deathblow Ability is quite a special ability. When there is only one monster left on the enemy team, Djinn Apprentice does 2x damage to it, making it easier to destroy.

  • Monsters with the Deathblow Ability do 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team.


DJINN APPRENTICE NFT Card is a Rare NFT Card belonging to the Chaos Legion edition. the DJINN APPRENTICE NFT Card is currently starting at $0.088 on the market. The Gold DJINN APPRENTICE NFT card is currently starting at $1.24 on the market. Currently my DJINN APPRENTICE NFT card is at level 2 and I would love to upgrade it to level 6 soon and level 8 in the future. This will help me a lot more to win in battles when I upgrade my NFT card.

Frankly, I think the prices are quite affordable, and the fact that they are affordable encourages me to buy gold NFT cards and upgrade them.

To upgrade the DJINN APPRENTICE to level 8, 115 cards are required. If I do the rough calculation and average each card can be purchased for $0.10, the level 8 DJINN APPRENTICE costs about $11.5.

To upgrade the Gold DJINN APPRENTICE to level 8, 22 cards are required. If I do the rough calculation and average each card can be purchased for $1.3, the 8th level Gold DJINN APPRENTICE costs about $28.6.

Frankly, it is more advantageous for me to upgrade the Gold one. Because the Collection Power of the Gold one is more and it increases my income in battles. The 8th level Regular DJINN APPRENTICE NFT card has 2,415 POWER, the 8th level Gold DJINN APPRENTICE NFT card has 11,550 POWER. There is almost 5 times difference.


Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Broken Arrows
Mana Cap 40

Equalizer rule means the initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
Broken Arrows rule means Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles.

My Strategy

Before starting the battle, I reviewed the last 5 battles of the opposing player, and considering the rulesset of the battle, I decided that I would be more likely to win the battle if I preferred the Monsters that can attack with Magic Attack in this battle, and I determined my strategy accordingly.

I also thought that having DJINN CHWALA with Thorns Ability in first position on my team would give my team a big advantage in battle. I chose Delwyn Dragonscale as Summoner because Delwyn Dragonscale gives +1 Magic Attack to all friendly Magic Attack Monsters so that Magic Attack Monsters in my team could attack the opposing team more powerfully.

Battle Comments

It was remarkable that DJINN APPRENTICE was also on the opposing team in this battle. It also seems like the opposing player thought I would prefer Melee Attack Monsters when I reviewed the opposing player's strategy. Since I prefer Magic Attack Monsters, the entire strategy of the opposing player was turned upside down. Frankly, I like to surprise my opponents.

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4



From the first round, the opposing team was pretty helpless against my team's powerful attacks. Only one monster from my team was destroyed, while 6 monsters from the opposing team were destroyed. It was also notable that my other monsters, apart from DJINN CHWALA, did not take any damage. Indeed, my strategy worked pretty well in this battle, and my team won the battle very easily. Although it was a battle with 40 mana, the battle only lasted 4 rounds.

My Opinion

DJINN APPRENTICE is indeed a very powerful magician, but her weak points are her low health and inability to evade enemy attacks.That's why I usually put him in middle positions on the team. Otherwise, enemies can easily destroy him. If we want it to be more effective in battles, it is necessary to put him in the right position with a good strategy. And when used with a really good strategy, he is very effective in battles. I think it's a pretty powerful Monster that any team could need. Honestly, I think it's a Monster that everyone should have in their deck, and considering its price, it's not that hard to buy.

What are your thoughts on the battle and DJINN APPRENTICE? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

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