The Will To Win And The Hardest Fight Of The Two Teams. Chest Loot | Splinterlands

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The two teams in the Fire Element had a fierce battle and both had a desire to win. The high speed of the opposing team and Magnor in the first position pushed the team very hard. It was quite a battle to know which team would win until the last moment, and the monsters used all their strength until the last moment. Luckily luck was on my team's side and in the end my team won.

My daily quest today was the Fire quest. Summoner TARSA in the Fire Element is my favorite summoner so today's daily quest was easier than other quests. I shared my most interesting and most difficult battle with you in the video.

Battle Link in Video

Summoner and Monsters on My Team


  • Venari Heatsmith
  • Pelacor Conjurer
  • Alchemy Potion Charge

Battle Link

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