LPUD: Power-Up Rules Working Out For My Good


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I have come to notice that it’s actually good to have a strategy well-sketched before one embarks on a journey. The hive blockchain for me is a journey of endless freedom and schooling. Its communities are the same. So, I have plans for each of my activities here.

Since I turned Blockchain enthusiast, I steadily have my plans before I decide to join a project, make a trade, or engage on layer 2 hive platforms.
Leofinance for example happens to be one of the web3 projects that have kept me steadily growing with ease.

While I got involved in the Leo community, I planned never to sell any of my Leo tokens, but to keep powering them up once a week. Not to be carried away by other activities, and forgetting to complete my plans for the Leofinance weekly strategy, I went to the extent of setting a reminder for it 😂.


Not to take up your time with my story, my strategy was to grow my Leo power for so many reasons.

Why Grow your Leo Power?

First of all, I’d love to state that I have been mocked by some old steemit folks for always powering up my stake but guess what, I never gave a sh**t about the things they said. I continued powering up on Hive and on Leofinance. I have benefited in several ways by Powering up stakes.

  • Turns my account to an influencing account
  • Earned curation reward for appreciating other user’s content
  • it’s a means of savings for the future.

I honestly don’t think most users ever thought of the last point. But I have always appreciated the hive blockchain reward mechanisms.

You see, with the way it’s built, one doesn’t have to worry about savings & cashout. Here’s why;

Hive Blockchain pays in Hbd & Hive power. I see it as Hive helping me save half of my rewards for the future and the other half is available for sustainability.

I force my Leo reward to 100% powered up

Leofinance rewards work a bit differently from how Hive rewards. Leo mechanism doesn’t force half of user’s reward powered up. But simply because I have a strategy, I have always forced the power-up manually. Just as I have earlier stated, I power up all my Leo stakes weekly.

Things working out for my good

I recently came across a contest by @leogrowth where users will win Leo token and Leo delegation for simply powering up. While I came across this contest, I was like wow! It’s about to go down. To me, it simply means I could be among the winners for just doing what I have always loved to do.

What different thing would I be doing this time?

So, from the contest page, it was stated that to qualify for the contest or draw, one must power up at least 200Leo tokens on the 15th of June 2022.

This rule happens to be the only one I have to work extra to meet. I rarely get 20Leo on a weekly, which means I have to purchase more Leo tokens from the market to participate.

All the same, it’s still all win for me. I can’t wait for the 15th to reach to use the power up button on the Leo finance platform.

How are you planning this month’s #LPUD? Don’t miss the contest. Head to https://leofinance.io/@leogrowth/leo-power-up-day-is-now-a-thing-join-and-win-a-dolphin-size-delegation read about it.

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