Perception Determines Interpretation

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When I ask you to envision the colour Blue there is a 95% chance that the blue you perceive is a different blue to what I perceive.

There are many shades and tones of blue, so many that it would be hard to count and so many that for me to be able to predict the exact tone, depth and shade of blue you are imagining would be next to near impossible.

This is exactly how we might perceive other things in our day to day.

What we imply upon something is very much determined by our own experiential conditioning and how we interpret something is also based upon our own experiential conditioning.

When we are a part of a community often there is a common thread of understanding and conditioning, which means that when we present something, an idea, a concept, etc then most of those in the community will instantly perceive it in similar ways, after all communities attract like minded people.

This is very true in close communities, eg in the CTP Talk Community, if you mention Affiliate Marketing everyone knows what you are talking about, Email Marketing, everyone knows,
Everyone knows what an LCP is, a splash page or a squeeze age, even a lead magnet etc etc.
However when broader concepts are implored then the meaning can become ambiguous because of the individualistic subjective conditioning of each person.

When we are engaging with a much broader community as we do on HIVE, the Internet in general, a community that is constructed of many walks of life, different cultures, different ways of understanding, than a singular concept can end up with many different meanings,

On one hand this is a truly magnificent thing that one idea can be interpreted in many different manifestations. This is what allows for development and progression of ideas and concepts; however this can also have a negative impact, connotation. If we are not mindful of what we are talking about, the language we use, how we phrase something, then quite easily it can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. If then that misunderstanding is focussed on then the misunderstanding becomes the focus and that in itself can be misunderstood,

Because my interpretation is different to your interpretation then when I describe perception I need to be more explicit.

My blue is that of a beautiful autumn day clear skies, the deeper blue that only a cool temperature can bring, the blue that has been washed of the heat haze of summer and the blue that make the greens stand out more vibrantly. My blue is cool; it is deep and has a weight that is at about 45%.

When we are clear about our ideas and opinions then we can paint a clearer picture for others to be able to understand better.


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So true. Everyone's interpretation can also be different based upon their past experiences which add an emotional element to the interpretation. But being as detailed as possible about the content communicated will have a more closely intended result to what was desired.