The Cycle of Perpetual Motion


There is a whole plethora of Data out there that can then be utilised as information, and we can take in as much information as we want, however it is one thing to have an amount of information but do we turn it into knowledge.

Turning information into knowledge is taking that information that you have and then giving it an application, using the information to an end. Creating something from the information you have and applying it to a real-world scenario.

Information needs to flow; we are designed to spread information so that it can utilised by many and be transformed into knowledge.

The knowledge to apply the information to very real applications and allows decisions to be made.

Once it has been transformed into knowledge it can then become wisdom.
Wisdom of experience which can then be shared, and wisdom in turn creates data. Data then creates information which then can become knowledge which then becomes wisdom and the cycle continues.

But what allows the flow to happen??

Community is what allows it.

Without community Data may become information but if information doesn’t get sheared then it becomes stagnant, old, outdated and stale, It then drops off the mountain and becomes nothing.

When you have information. Share it, allow it to become knowledge then use it as wisdom and watch it grow into an ever growing spiral of shared experience. Give others the opportunity to use the Information in their way, allow it to transform to new knowledges and through community become wisdom.

Change can only happen if we allow it



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