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This is an interesting topic for today because a Thread is something that can be used to hold things together; it can be used as a connective tool and can be used as a creative tool.

When we think of a thread we might initially think of what holds our clothes together, our short buttons, our trouser seams, our skirt zips and the jumpers we wear to keep ourselves warm.

It is the threads we weave together that makes the whole, like a carpet a rug and a curtain.

In these instances the thread gives us warmth, comfort, privacy and the ability to see.

In terms of the writing that we all so diligently undertake, a Thread is seen as a topic for discussion, the tool used as a way of connecting numerous discussions to the one focus.

In spirituality, a thread is seen as the connective between the physical and the spiritual, a line that exists but is often unseen.

A thread can be seen like a Breadcrumb trail, where it is utilises as not only a tool to allow us confidently move to the unknown but more importantly a tool that is used to keep us connected with the start, the beginning. It allows us a confidence to know where we came from so that we never lose our way.

Much like most things we do on a daily basis, knowing where we have come from, allows us to experience where we are going to, and having a constant reminder that we came from somewhere helps to ground us, helps us to make comparisons, and helps us to move forwards without fear of getting lost.

For me when I grew up, we used to utilise a piece of string and two tin cans, I know it sounds cliché , but that was my reality, this linking thread allowed us to communicate with others and keep a conversation going. This piece of thread would allow a conversation to get started and then continued, again much like the discourse that is often taking place on Internet discussion boards.

The thread is what holds things together, it binds, it consolidates, it agrees and it is a tool to completion


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