my down and up.


Growing up I have always known my weakness even when I tried so hard to control or get rid of them but it felt like it wasn't working.

So I live with it now, but I have learned and still learning to control it every now and then and not let it get the best of me.

I'm a soft hearted lady though with a little spice of stubbornness, I'm amongst those set of humans that hates being shouted at all in the name of being corrected or not doing the right thing.

If I do something wrong and you feel there's a need to correct me please don't shout at me it only makes things worse and it makes me feel belittled.

I literally shed tears when I'm being shouted at and it turns worst when I'm now asked to explain myself, I only end up embarrassing myself instead. So I try really hard not to find myself in a situation where I'm being scolded.

Another weakness of mine is procrastination but so far I have discovered a method that helps control it. The idea of not doing things on time or at the right time is one big weakness of mine because the more I delay in getting things done on time they keep accumulating and then in the end I might not be able to do all of it out of laziness then I end up not doing or achieving what I ought to.

But then in the stage of growing I observed that I work and do things effectively when it's done in a team, I discovered a new strength in teamwork and so far it has really been working for me.

Also I learnt to make use of moments when I feel belittled because I'm being shouted at as a way of building my courage and not letting the way people talk affects me.

The way I feel hurt when I am being shouted at it has also help motivate me in some way to do things right making me build myself confidence.

And also instead of procrastinating, delaying or moving sluggishly to achieve a particular goal I learned to set a reminder for every activity. that way I know that every time spent is already programmed for a particular cause and not to be wasted and honestly speaking it has really being helpful so far.