Never enough

our desire to do more and different things doesn't really have a limit, because just when we actually think that we have gotten all that we dreamed for, then we realize that there's more to life than just being in that circle of our dreams of making wealth and good health, though they are part of the the major things.

Anyways aside from making wealth,and living a good and comfortable life, there are so many other things I aspire to do, stuffs like

Exploring round the world, I have always dreamed and still dreaming for an opportunity to go to different states and country, to see and admire the good things out there and take lovely pictures of myself, visiting different art work and museums.

Then the desire to meet new people either through the medias or physically is something I have this great urge for, to come out from my shell and mingle with people, I mean people that will always have a good impact in my life, have a good relationship with them, make bonds and do some crazy things together and aside from finding true love, which seems to be rare this days.

I want to live the rest of my days happy and contend with the Little I have achieved, it's not about having all the wealth but also having fun, be happy and also make people happy, because the little thing you do to put a smile on someone else face really do matter.

So I plan on making not just myself happy but also everyone around or that I do come across. I just want to live life without any regrets of not doing some certain things.

Having a good relationship with my family both the extended and nuclear is a thing I dream for, because above all things it's family first, though presently it's more like everybody and their own problem, there's no sign of love amongst themselves which isn't a typical kind of family I have always dreamt of.

Along all this little achievement, being famous is also one thing I would love to be, irrespective of people's idea about it. The famous part of life comes with a unique kind of feeling for me don't know if others thinks same, but I do think fame is something I so desire too.

But then the thing with satisfaction for we humans is that we believe or feel it's never enough, and aspire to do more even after we have done more lol, anyways I just want to enjoy the little I have achieved so far and then make a good use of it, and be ready to adapt and learn new things.


Wow... fame will sure put you and everything about you out there for public scrutiny. It would not be easy, but I am sure you can handle it.
Thank you for sharing this with us.