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It was a warm and fuzzy night in the Spring of 2022 when I happened upon a leofi/hive post that read "Header Image source Pixabay" before the publishers content was even revealed.

I've been reading some posts here and there that had a strange and mysterious post introduction "style".

Nothing against Pixabay, as I use that service myself but this isn't about them as much as the post introduction.

It's been popping up more recently as if it were a popular way to introduce posts.

I don't know if people think this is a style choice or if they are just being lazy or maybe they don't know any better.

This post will convince people to make better use of their Post Introduction.

My choice, My STYLE

Some people may think this is a style choice, but it isn't because it takes away from the publisher's ability to drive engagement to their content.

The first two - three sentences of every post should have a consistent structured format (across all your posts for branding consistency) that drives engagement from the platform to the publisher's content.

The post title, header image and first several sentences are very important for your posts impression to be connected and engaged with.

If you only have a few sentences to sell your posts, why would you include information that doesn't help you sell?

RYOSAI OFFICIAL Header Image Credit Guide and TIPS:

It's actually really simple and most people here already have it figured out.

Header Image Credits should be wrapped up at the end of the post but that's not all.

I have a few tips and tricks for driving further engagement with your posts.

A catchy title can be tricky, and we all know how it feels to be click baited so it is best to use effective communication and even some research for further monetization with SEO.

This particular post isn't going to appeal to anyone outside of this platform, so a deep SEO study wasn't necessary, but I did check to see what posts I would be competing with.

I try to use my first couple of sentences to build suspense from the title, delivering just enough information to warrant suspicion of the valuables that remain inside.

Depending on which frontend Dapp the consumer is using your posts introduction could be cut even shorter.

Ecency only shows about 30 words into each post which could eat up an entirely too long first sentence.

I like to use Ecency because it was made for mobile which is more accessible to the hive worldwide userbase.

This format has us cutting it pretty close with the message of this post, but it is still effective in capturing the most important quote of my first sentence which I know people here have seen before.

Delivering valuable content with a high-quality header image and a catchy title are usually enough to help qualify a post for payout threshold.

Qualifying for post payout is fantastic but it's just the first step to build a brand so strong that people follow and curate your content using automated voting.

While automated votes are reassuring, we want to drive real user engagements like comments, reblogs and sharing off platform.

Ask your readers a question and ask for answers in the comments.

Ex: Did you all learn anything new or was this article too basic? I would love to hear from you so please feel free to let me know in the comments!

Ask your readers to follow you for more valuable content and ask them to share it with a friend.

Ex: Have you had the opportunity to follow my account and support my work? or... Would you help me grow by sharing this post with someone who you think it may benefit?

Always remember that we can support each others work just by giving each other a follow and engaging with/upvoting each other!


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Thanks for reading and please tag anyone you know who uses the introduction to credit their header image lol I would like their input here as well



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