SPK 3 in 1 Logo Design Process Video Entry


new city 2.png

I have made some logos for you all here and I do hope you enjoy my video of the design process.

I took a few classes in my day so I have had access to some really powerful design software.

We aren't going to be using any of that!

Today we will make use of all the amazing free assets available on canva.com

With the knowledge of design and the available free assets we can make some magic happen.

With a logo, one of the most important things is the simplicity or economy of the design.

Most logos that are good are very basic, but they effectively deliver a branded message.

All logos have a main image and typeface that are meant to leave a lasting effect branding your brain with their mental image of excellence.


I took a lot of creative liberty and decided that what we need is some consistency among these logos.

Started off with choosing the typography type face and progressed each logo from that point on.

I did my best to use as little design assets as possible to effectively capture the essence of each dynamic aspect of the individual token ecosystem.


I chose to use an earthly ecosystem aesthetic to reflect this network's ability to grow and sustain abundance.


I used a basic RGB color scheme for effective contrast which could be altered to any other format.

I had a lot of fun making these and I really hope you all enjoy them.

Not expecting to win but I did want to show off some of the capabilities of the free design website known as canva.com which I see a lot of people here are already using.

Really excited to be a part of this community and participate in the contest to show support for SPK Network!

Please let me know if you would like to scream at the top of the mountains that you like the logos or if you could change anything what would that be :)


I made my account logo the same way.

If anyone else is interested in an account logo let me know in the comments and I will consider it.

Also feel free to download the images or edit them as you wish to improve upon the concept I have created.

Thanks for stopping by!

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