The Indomitable Mycelic Infantry!




Good day to all players of Splinterlands all over the world!

This time, I just want to share a battle story about an earth monster considered almost invincible in the face of Melee and Ranged enemies – Mycelic Infantry!



This powerful earth monster is now worth $0.24 per piece. Since this is a rare monster if you intend to use it to its maximum level for the Silver league with a level 4 Mylor Crowling, you have to upgrade it also to the same level. That would mean combining 25 cards and that will cost you $6.00.

I am not at that level yet. I am still using a level 1 Mycelic Infantry, but upgrading it to level 4 is part of my future plan.

Reaching level 5, meaning adding 15 more cards to your level 4 Mycelic Infantry will cost you an additional $3.6. In return, this formidable warrior will have a Giant Killer Ability, which is the ability to do double damage against a target that has 10 or more mana.

Battle Lineup


Battle Link


Explosive Weaponry: All Monsters have the Blast ability.

Earthquake: Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.

The first ruleset is the reason why I selected our main character for this battle, Mycelic Infantry. With its Shield ability, occupying the second position, it is able to defend itself from the explosive impact coming both from Melee and Ranged attacks.

On the other hand, the second rule is the reason I chose winged monsters like Nectar Queen and Gargoya Devil. With the former’s high health, it can also function as an alternative tank just in case both Grund and Mycelic Infantry perished on the battlefield.

Mana Cap: 52

This is my type of battle, a fight with a high mana cap for me to be able to utilize monsters with superior health.

Tank: Grund


With Grund’s Double Strike ability, its 3 Melee attacks are so destructive for the enemy. Matched with a 10 health, this monster is a good alternative for Unicorn Mustang in the first position.

Second Position: Mycelic Infantry


This Earth Monster is almost immovable when assailed by the enemies with just two Melee and Ranged attacks. Due to its Shield Ability, Mycelic will just laugh when hit by an opponent with only one Melee and Ranged weapon. Nevertheless, this warrior is vulnerable to magic aggressors.

Third Position: Nectar Queen


As already mentioned earlier, just in case my plan won’t work out, I placed flying monster in the third position prepared for the worst scenario. For the instance that the first two warriors will be annihilated, Nectar Queen with its Flying Ability and high health will serve as the end-game defender of the first position.

Fourth Position: Hunter Jarx


Hunter Jarx is a Sniper. His 3 Ranged attacks are deadly for the enemy in the second position. I anticipated that the other player will place a monster like Mycelic Infantry in the second position. If I will choose a warrior with only two ranged attacks like Mantoid, it will not do much damage. At least in Hunter Jarx's case, if the enemy in the second position has a Shield ability, one health can be deducted every round.

Fifth Position: Mitica Headhunter


Another Ranged warrior, Mitica Headhunter with his 5 speed and 4 Ranged attack posed a serious threat to the enemy’s tank. I have placed him in the fifth position to protect him from close fight and at the same with his speed, just in case, Gargoya Devil will be thrown out of the last position, the former will serve as a replacement. The kind of speed that he has is difficult to hit by a Sneak attacker, not unless it is magic.

Last Position: Gargoya Devil


This neutral monster is a strategic defender of the last position due to its flying ability. In a ruleset like earthquake, there are times that you will see Gargoya Devil as the last monster flying.

Battle Results


This is a fight between the Fire Splinters and the Earth Splinters under the leadership of Tarsa and Mylor Crowling respectively. This battle lasted only for three rounds.

First Round

The fastest warrior in the game initiated the attack. Mitica Headhunter destroyed the shield of the Earth tank, Elven Defender. Spark Pixies retaliated by attacking Grund’s health.

Unlike Living Lava, the warrior at the second position in the other team, which shield has been smashed by the attack of both Mitica Headhunter and Grund against the other player’s tank due to the blast rule, our earth warrior at the second position remains untouched due to the low level of ranged attacks from the opponents' camp.

Tenyi Striker’s Melee attack missed Gargoya Devil due to the latter’s flying ability. Hunter Jarx’s assaulted Molten Ash Golem and since this hunter is a Siniper, his strike also reduced the health of both Tenyii Striker and Tower Griffin by two.

Near the end of the first round, Gargoya Devil hit Elven Defender reducing the health of the latter into one making it vulnerable to the Earthquake rule.

Second Round

At the start of the second round, Elven Defender is already out of the game.

Again, the initial attack in the second round came from Mitica Headhunter diminishing the health of Tenyii Striker into one.

For the second time, Mycelic Infantry just smiled while Spark Pixies and Tower Griffin’s were attacking Grund. Their ranged weapons are too weak to harm the earth monster.

Grund’s Double Strike finally annihilated both Living Lava and Tenyii Striker.

Our main character, Mycelic Infantry ended the second round by crushing both Molten Ash Golem and Tower Griffin.

Third and Final Round

Since Mitica Headhunter has Snare ability, it was no big deal for him to catch a flying enemy like Spark Pixies. In just one blow, he exterminated the last fire warrior.

So that’s the battle story of our unshakable Earth Monster – Mycelic Infantry!

How’s your experience using this card in your battles?

Thanks for reading!

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Grace and peace!