Time for Recap: August 2022 Power Up Day (PUD)



This is my 6th time participating in Power Up Day (PUD) this year. As such, I consider it appropriate to look back and review so far, my journey in this competition. I just want to revisit a few highlights in the last five months.

In my March participation, I shared that PUD came to my attention only the first week of February after wandering on Hive for six months. In joining PUD, the HBD that I collected from the two weekly Splinterlands challenges provided me the initial fund plus the $100.00 savings I had in February. All in all, I was able to gather 169.712 HIVE and I used 50 of that for PUD and set aside 30 HIVE for PUM. For the remaining HIVE, I utilized them in purchasing a small quantity of LEO, SPT, ONEUP, SME, and CTP.

The second time I joined PUD, I was financially short due to my participation with other Hive Engine tokens such as CUB, CENT, and LISTNERDS. I spent $180.00 for these three tokens: $80.00 for CUB, $50.00 for LISTNERDS, and another $50.00 for CENT.

In my May 1st participation in PUD, I failed to solve the budget problem due to a lack of valid IDs in processing a loan from both the Pag-ibig Fund and the Social Security System. The good thing is I was able to save at least $40.00 for the month of April and I used such an amount to buy 43 HIVE as part of my preparation for PUD.

The following month, I shared my personal observation of how my HP growth speed up since the day I joined the PUD challenge.

Last month’s participation, after being inactive for several days, I forced myself to write the PUD article. I shared there how I burned 35.413 HIVE by sending it to the wrong wallet address.

In today’s participation, I made preparation by converting my 15 HBD to HIVE and buying $20.00 worth of HIVE. And so, I came up with a total of 70 HIVE where I intend to use 20 to power up and the remaining for my other activity on the blockchain.

Just this morning, @hivebuzz notified me of successful participation in July PUM!

After powering up, below is the new status of my Hive account:



Grace and peace!