Battle Share Challenge: Dragon Daria - It will take you to hell if you mess with him

Hi splinterlands lover Today I am going to share battle share challenge with Daria dragons as summoners.

 "daria battle.png"

It is my all time favourite and I earn lots of DEC by winning the battle against opponents.

Lets check how you can level up to plat different leagues from Novice to Champions levels

#Level up# Your Summoner

 "scale daria.PNG"

How much money you required if you want to buy Daria and keep in your secret collection. I guess as compare to other summoners it is still not that much costly and you can earn a lot by winning fight as you keep accumulate cards which are having good and there scarcity is high as there price will go to moon in long time.

 "daria 13550dollar.PNG"

In continuation to that Cursed Slimball then Haunted Spirit followed Legendary Pegasus in a small mana battle.



If you team haunted spirit with Legendary Pegasus.


I guess you need only Legendary summoner such kind like lyamma who can make it down or else not possible to make down this kind of combination in battle.

#battlelink Lets just start

 "rr00.PNG" My Line up for round as you can see first to reduce the health cursed slimbell is alingned with spirit haunted and then legendary pegasus

 "Round 1.PNG"

#Round2 Not take much time to defeat


followed a victory


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