My Rising Star Game #31 My progress And Blended Animated S41a Abs Seasonal card

Hello all shining stars!
Long time no seen...
I hope you enjoy playing your Rising
Star Gaming...

This is my 31th post for in this Rising
Star community (Blockchain
Gaming). Rising star is fun game.
You can start lower busker. And bulid
your band. You can be a mega star
by completing missions.


My level is 59. My jounery of
Rising Star is in Zone Local Gig
Circuit. The main point of this zone
is to find band members and build
a band. The missions in this zone are

Radio Interview
Radio Studio Session
Shopping Mall
Record A Demo
Acoustic Tent
Local Mini Tour Support
Band Auditions

Now I can do Radio Interview to
Local Mini Tour Support missios.
Band Auditions need to be level-75.
The mission requirements are
Fans 1500 Energy 100% and the
mission duration is 5 hours.

Go Go Go!...

My targer of Jul is to reach level-65.
And to have Fans 6000 and
Skills 8000.

How do you think?
Can I meet my target?

Blended Animated S41a Abs Seasonal card

Blending Seasonal cards is golden
chance for all. If you are Millionaire
card owner you might want this
card. Because you need 3000 fans
per month. Currently 100 fans price
is between 8000 and 9000 Starbits.
So you can get Fans at the same
time you get Seasonal animated
card. To blend Animated card you
need S41 Abs (10 cards).




S41a Abs: 1k fan - 1k skill - 50 luck
and 10 IM.

My Account Progress
You can see my account status as

Fan: : 4406

Luck: : 408

Skill: : 8101

IM: 60

Total Card: :118

Image source

I like this Game. Its easy to play and
earn real money. If you do not
play yet please use my referral link

I am San


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