Leofinance - Increased Utility, A Step In The Right Direction

Cause & Effect

I think many Hivers will agree that when it comes to development, Leofinance is very much leading the pack within the Hive ecosystem. The various DeFi initiatives, as well as the more recent introduction of Threads, reveal a team motivated to create something of significant value. However, this is a journey that requires persistence, creativity, and constant development.

On top of that, smaller altcoins, and especially, DeFi-based projects, suffer tremendously during bear markets and are often overlooked simply because market participants are still very much in a “price-based” state of mind. They are yet to shift into an awareness and approach of identifying value, which is why smaller cap coins are often the last to rally in a bull market. Despite recent rallies, the altcoin market is still very much caught beneath a layer of “Winter ice”.

Most altcoins are still at least 85% off of their 2021 highs, and as a result, it is way too early to consider that the market has begun its reassessment of value. I point this out as there are those who are somewhat concerned about the price of LEO. However, it’s important to note that, realistically, it’s too early to begin making definitive observations in regard to current price valuations.

Increased Utility For LEO

In a matter of days, the new LEO ads protocol goes live. Not only will this incorporate new ad partners, but also native ads. Essentially, this will generate additional ad revenue, as well as “neaten up” the UI and enhance the user experience. A smart contract will then collect all the different ad revenue, and then redistribute earnings to LEO holders.

This is great because it adds to the utility of the token. It creates an additional motivation to hold on to your LEO, as well as purchase additional LEO, in order to create an additional passive income stream. It’s difficult to gauge a ratio in relation to this scenario, as ad revenue is ultimately governed by numerous metrics such as unique impressions, CTR, and others, depending on which ad networks are being utilized.

It also sounds as if there will definitely be an extension in terms of the ad networks being utilized, which also incorporates an aspect of multiplication to the existing ad revenue. The current ad revenue appears to come solely from Coinzilla. I am open to correction, but I think it is limited to Coinzilla.

Encouragement & Incentive

At the end of the day, strong engagement levels boost ad revenue. Not only are the community now encouraged to hold LEO, but also to engage. Why? Well as a LEO (stake) holder, you are simultaneously a part owner of the ad revenue “business”. You are therefore directly motivated, not only to hold LEO but to ensure that engagement takes place.

By taking part and engaging, you are subsequently ensuring an income source for you and the entire community. This is where the 1000 Thread challenge acts as a living example of how it is within everyone’s reach. Yes, not everyone can push 1000 threads a week. However, managing 100 a week is doable for most.

Remember, replies and general engagement count as threads. You don’t necessarily have to sit and post 100 unique thoughts, or blasts of data in order to create 100 threads. A daily visit to Threads easily enables and produces 100 threads per week.

Final Thoughts

It’s exciting times, and we are about to enter a new chapter of Leofinance’s growth, development, and establishment as a WEB3-based “everything app”! I am excited to see these changes being rolled out next week, and so am eagerly awaiting the 1st of May! All the best, until next time!

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