New & Under The Radar High-Yield Staking Projects

A Strong Arm

Having a number of PoS projects as part of your passive income infrastructure is always a good idea. There are generally two ways to go about this idea. Either, you remain with the blue chips such as Solana, Polkadot, and Cosmos… or you seek out promising high-yield projects, which is what I will be exploring in this article. You have to be very selective when it comes to newer, or even under-the-radar projects, especially if they happen to offer super high returns.

Remember, there is no such thing as low risk, high reward. Risk and reward always travel together. Correctly defining the risk/reward ratio of any investment is imperative, and one should never invest without first ensuring that the ratio “makes sense”. Great investments are often birthed simply by identifying a really attractive risk/reward ratio.

Polkadot and Cosmos are well-known as staking coins that offer rather attractive staking rewards. However, as I mentioned in a previous article, identifying newer PoS coins that are still experiencing significant appreciation can be an extremely smart move, provided you make the right calls. Investing in a PoS project that offers 15% APR prior to a 10X surge in price creates an APR of 150%, in relation to your dollar investment.

This dynamic has the potential to create meaningful, and even independent passive income streams, which is what everyone is looking for, right? Passive income is king when it comes to income models. It’s like having your very own money printer. The only aspect required is time. As it passes, the rewards simply pile up. What an excellent model. Obviously, establishing these mechanisms is a game of chance.

Diligent research is the only way we can reduce the risks associated with such a strategy. There are no guarantees, but if you want to stand a chance of succeeding, you will have to have a line in the water. Anyway, let’s take a look at a few PoS altcoins that could potentially create this dynamic, provided they are able to secure a level of dominance.


Sentinel (DVPN) is a micro-cap project with a market cap of approximately $7 million, which is a zone I like when it comes to picking up projects early. The fact that Sentinel Is a PoS project helps to mitigate risk, as staking rewards can be compounded over the next two years. Remember, we are looking for projects that can be accumulated and held into 2025, possibly, even 2026.

DVPN offers a fairly attractive staking reward at 19.8%, which is significantly higher than the average benchmark figure of approximately 5%. The token price is $0.0005 and is available on KuCoin and AscendEX. Even a modest bull market pump for such a small micro-cap could produce some rather significant passive income. Such a strategy does however require ongoing accumulation, as well as a bit of a lengthy maturation period.


Taraxa is a micro-cap pick I unveiled at the end of July. It has since soared as high as 1500% and is currently up 500% from my call in July. TARA has a really juicy APR of 17.6% and if you managed to buy it in July, you can multiply that by 500% against your dollar investment. Not bad, almost a 100% staking APR on your dollar investment in a matter of weeks. Given that Taraxa has made such significant moves in a bear market, it would be irrational not to envision a fairly successful bullish season for TARA.

I like the idea of Taraxa, a blockDAG EVM-compatible smart contract platform. I have high hopes for this one, and getting in at $0.001 has managed to give me a beneficial start. I am not going to go into the details of each individual project. However, you can peruse my initial Taraxa article from July to find out a little more about the project. TARA is available on MEXC and

Fuse Network

The Fuse network is another project I addressed some time back. Surprisingly, it has held up relatively well over the past few weeks. Altcoins in general have had a bit of a tough time. Staking Rewards were recently adjusted for the 4 year anniversary, so there appears to be a little bit of unclarity as to the actual staking reward. However, there are also a number of DeFi options for FUSE, including a single staking vault.

These are great for avoiding impermanent loss. The market cap is also in that sweet spot of approximately $10 million, which is perhaps one of my strongest motivations for this project. Furthermore, it has survived a 4 year period and the team continues to develop and push forward. The Fuse X account is also a strong indication of a proactive and engaged project and team of developers. FUSE is available on

Final Thoughts

There’s a strong possibility that at least one of these PoS coins is going to perform extremely well in the upcoming bull market and create life-changing passive income for early investors. I do however believe that they are all likely to experience some decent price appreciation, especially Taraxa. It’s a bit of a “mixed bag” in order to diversify risk and get as many fingers in as many pies.

This article is merely aimed at shedding some light, please don’t consider it investment advice. Conduct your own research and make informed decisions. Until next time, take care!


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Thank you so much for providing this awesome list. I one that interests me the most on the list is Sentinel.