Stuck In Legacy Mode…

TradFi Losing Ground

Those who have created or inherited wealth within the world of TradFi and legacy-styled businesses have a strong sense of loyalty and dependence on old and outdated business models. Many will argue that not everyone can become a Crypto-based entrepreneur or business person, and this is true. However, what they can do is begin exposing themselves to it, as well as incorporating it into their current business models in some way.

It has long been argued that certain business models, as well as certain business sectors, are extremely lucrative, and while this may be true to a point, there is a lot more that needs to be understood. Even if these models continue being profitable 5 to 10 years from now… there is another aspect or dynamic that requires visitation and understanding. Whether it has been understood or realized… we are at a pivotal point.

We are in the midst of a revolution, a true revolution that will adjust how we interact and operate. This is not some “social” movement. This is a real revolution that ultimately replaces and causes a restructuring when it comes to economic models. So, while there is still profitability, in terms of legacy-styled businesses, there is something extremely important that requires a level of realization, and eventually, appropriation.

The Predictable Move

I will later return to this “realization”, but first, I want to point out a few aspects that many are perhaps aware of, but have not really understood how far the implications reach. Most of us involved in Crypto understand the workings of TradFi players. These guys don’t take enormous risks. You can clearly see it by their response to market weakness… they exit, and fast. Ultimately, they spread and enforce FUD, in order to recreate opportunities they missed.

What many are however ignorant of, is that they missed these “opportunities” on purpose. Many of the larger players, who have since entered the Crypto space will tell of how they were monitoring Crypto long before you even heard of it. They simply wait until there is significant “security”, acceptance, adoption, and some form of regulatory standpoint that does not point toward an outright ban.

They then apply their strategies in conjunction with a bear market, in an effort to recreate and produce an extremely viable point of entry. Most of us are aware of this. However, there is a lot more at stake than missing out on enormous gains…

Relativity “Realization”

It’s now no longer just a case of securing gains, but securing “position”. I wrote a post some time ago addressing How CZ basically reached Warren Buffet’s “ranking”, in terms of wealth, in just a matter of a few years. Warren, on the other hand, has taken an entire lifetime to reach this point. What we will see unfolding in the bull markets that follow, is an unprecedented level of wealth creation.

Unless the top brass are able to secure gains of this magnitude, they will be outranked. Your trillionaires are going to be Cryptoneurs, not legacy players… unless legacy players add Crypto to their portfolio in a rather significant way. The elites will eventually be outranked by Crypto players, if they choose to remain disinterested and phlegmatic. This is pretty much their last opportunity to remain in the game.

Failure at this point will ultimately result in a dethroning. It may well take 5 to 10 years to unfold, but without an adjustment of practice, it will eventually take place. This is an unavoidable outcome unless an adjustment is initiated… and soon!

Final Thoughts

I think there are many who are now beginning to realize that this is a “done deal” unless they choose to act. So, what we have is a situation where wealthy individuals who hate Crypto are essentially being forced to invest in it. We have a level of “guarantee”. It is highly probable that much of this will take place via OTC deals. However, the reality is… they have no choice, they are coming one way or another. Catch you on the flip side!

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