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For many, Hive seems a little confusing, perhaps even a little strange. I have heard many people comment that they battle to understand how it all works. It is however not that complicated at all, once you understand the design and process. This should actually be considered a good thing.

It lets you know that there is some substance to the project, that a fair amount of understanding is required to participate. Like anything, you need to be acquainted with Hive and the community as a whole, before you can truly lay hold of what this ever-growing Crypto economy has to offer. I have just completed my latest post, which details Hive and the tremendous upper hand I believe it has in the world of content creation.

Read > Hive - The Communal Road To Independence

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There are a number of very exclusive dynamics that factor into making Hive the best choice around for community-driven content creation and publication. Monetary reward is not the only criteria that is to be considered. Initially, other platforms may appear more beneficial but dedicated Hive users see far more rewards in the long run. Building on Hive is far more rewarding than any other platform. Yes, you may experience great earnings without much effort on other platforms but how long will they be around?

Hive truly is blockchain-based and that makes all the difference. It creates a level of security and trust, which is lacking on many other platforms. Perhaps you have previously considered Hive and have not acted on it yet. I would suggest reading Hive - The Communal Road To Independence, as an introduction and conduct some further research.

I choose not to become distracted but rather focus on the fact that I am building for tomorrow. As previously mentioned, the launch of my own blog is paramount in securing property ownership. Second to that would be an ecosystem like Hive! I enjoy the journey, whether it be Hive or any other. The challenges make the rewards even more fulfilling.


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