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What makes you happy has a human?; the only way I can make me happy is achieving smiles on every life’s per day I breath. It’s very simple trust me. Been a free spirit is the best gift man can ever ask for. You don’t need to have thousands or millions to offer before you can inspire or make a man smile.

  • A word of advice can do.
  • An offering hand to assist people.
  • Making then know you care when needed.
  • Been a good listener to there challenges.

What do people think of you when they hear your name do they smile or feel angry they knew you. How much can you offer to help people build emotions. You giving emotional support is just has good has you receiving back.

No man is above mistake and that’s how we learn. Most times we get judged by our actions and they don’t get to see the pleasant spectrum inside us. It’s just you; let them know you regret your actions that resulted to the punishment; let them know this is the last time you are apologizing and show how much you love them. You too should know when to forgive and let go too free up your shoulders. it’s a choice to forgive or keep people in the black holes but when you forgive it heals you faster than you can ever imagine.

Knowing people who love you for who you are is really a rare gem because no matter the mistakes you make they are always at your door step. Keeping you calm to heal and move on. And not people who offer you hands because they expect to give them back in thousand folds.

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Most times just do you and free the mind to an opened space to build and keep moving.

When people tend not to forgive you for your wrong action and they cannot make you feel the life you use to have back; just tell yourself.
Its Just me.
All you need it’s to got out there and reach out to make you happy and help others to also move on with there lives. The thing we have in this world is too small to spend most of it on depression or making people not know us for best sides.
Peace #POB family.

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From my own perspective helping people to do what they want to do with the little way you can is very important. Lets all be encouraged to be our brothers keeper no matter the situation we find our self.

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