The world doesn’t revolve around you.


It can be so surprising how things occurred in our past life’s reopening in the present and also paving ways into new memories. Some people call it “time loops” while some call it “Di ja vu”. One true thing is passive memories and action could bring you happiness and make you remember mistakes you made before and how to correct them Instantly before it happens.

At times, some actions are just meant to happen in life to pave a way forward or progress forward. And when this time comes “I see them has a second chance to make things right and do better than my past self.”

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Has we all know, no man lives forever and that’s why everyday we should try to live the best out of that day. Like they say “all work and no play makes jack a dull man”. At times you just need to free yourself see the beauty in life because When It comes again in memories and actions you would have a better view at that point.

Freedom is one beautiful thing that man has, never feel stocked at any point because the world doesn’t revolve around you alone that’s why you would always have that chance to make up for mistakes and be the best they can be.

Everyone experiences hard times to the extent of giving up not been able to move forward. But, don’t forget it could be the time for you to see things beyond human knowledge.

Like I posted once;

About my middle school failure. Then, I hard difficult in admissions and I was giving up. But, still the great thing about it was I was able to see the beauty in the other side in another world. And know that things don’t go has planned I patiently study my steps and provide the solution.

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Try has much has possible not to see your downfall has the beginning of failure because another opportunity would definitely come and you should be prepared to do better.

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