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Has anyone created a project or business roadmap for POB? I imagine it would help the leaders immensely with planning. Solid and realistic planning almost guarantees a project's success.

You could probably create the plan now from the high-value responses from the community. You could even start by adding "project milestone" dates for each bullet if you wish.

To summarize the community responses:


  • offgridlife mentioned YouTube (duel marketing/advertising)
  • YouTube/podcast sessions discussing POB concept and applications
  • POB stakeholder presentation about current and future status/plans of POB
  • Guest invitations from other tribes to talk about POB concepts in tribal areas
  • Onboarding to POB directly?


  • Hive store / POB Merch
  • NFT Artwork?


  • A-Ads
  • @offgridlife mentioned Adsense
  • @offgridlife mentioned YouTube (can you give a rough estimate on the length of time needed for 1000? I have no clue)
  • Twitter? Instagram? Facebook Group (2 billion users)?


  • @oldmans recommended AR/BTC investment in CubDeFi kingdom to let it grow
  • Airdrops for people staking POB over the long term


  • Ecency platform in development
  • Mobile app with the same developer

The sense I get from the platform is palpable. Everyone likes that you can write about what you want. People comment about the friendliness here. Despite our user interface, POB is outperforming many. We should take a hard look at the priorities, organize them, and publish regular updates about them. The action will at least sustain current excitement and draw in others to invest.

When POBecency comes out, and I believe it will, it will further draw in people. Couple that with marketing on YouTube or whatever platform you decide, and you can slowly build it into a powerhouse. POB, similar to currency, can become something of tangible value whose true worth comes from the proof of our brains.

@proofofbrainio you've made something different. We just have to make it long-term and a permanent fixture now in the blockchain now. Knowing nothing about you or anyone else at the top, the potential of the POB brand speaks volumes.

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