RE: Proposal For DOWNVOTING and MUTE on POB

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Your comment is important so I want to address it directly. The community has problems concerning downvoting and muting.

The only actions they tolerate are clear acts of fraud. By clear acts, I mean they must be well defined and communicated.

With plagiarism, for example, I have to link the source. I take an extra step by including comparison texts. They still don’t like the DV, but it becomes tolerable because I hold myself accountable for each DV.

Mute holds a similar function. In some time I’ll be publishing a discussion on that and ask for opinions. Yours will be welcome too. I want to discuss this function and see where the community stands on it. If needed we could add some sort of appeals for those already muted.

I have read a lot of your work. It definitely wouldn’t happen to you. POB does not like muting people.

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