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For me engagement is not creating a lot of comments, it is about creating quality comments. When I post photographs I rather have one comment with constructive feedback than 10 "Wow!" comments.

You are absolutely correct. I would have more faith in statistics discussing engagement if there was a definition of engagement when reporting the numbers. I won't deny the influence of POBTalk at all. Vempromundo does his job well there. They have engagement. It just isn't all quality engagement, but this is certainly true of every article out there.

@insight.pob's initiative is another example. I'm more inclined to participate in lengthy conversations there than POBTalk. The topics are just more interesting to me personally. Like POBTalk, I've seen great conversations there, but I've also seen engagement that wasn't quality. It happens. People have lives outside of Hive.

What's the definition of quality engagement?
We can keep it simple. Let's say that quality engagement means full sentence discussions between two or more people focused upon the topic at hand. Unfortunately, you can't write a simple query for quality engagement. This article should be reflective of that fact.

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