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I can respond in terms of my activities on POB.

  • I have a couple of classes left in my graduate school before I'm done and they are the most difficult I've had.
  • I started a new job and it comes with its own learning curve and long hours.
  • I needed new treatments for my back that are working better for me now.

My plan was to see the new pob front end completed by now and then launch proposals on use cases, but changes I'd like to see done are not yet completed. As a result, I started exploring other options offered by the Hive Engine group for discussion/proposals to POB. POB is also researching this area. The HE group is offering some good features for frontend development web 3.0.

My focus in POB was on trying to standardize behaviors with engagement, article quality, and curation. Cal had curators, but due to a personal emergency he hasn't been here for a while and I started going into that area this week. Also, I'm managing his WOTW contest so that's taking some time. I feel I need to work on the curation part before moving forward with everything else as I don't want authors to feel left behind.

I can't speak on insecurity and ignoring reality at this time and I apologize for that, @Vempromundo. All I can ask is to keep speaking out and if I can explain it or refer to POB for a response then I will.

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