Australian Beer Review - #43 - Burleigh Mid-Tide Ale


Many many moons ago, I started a beer swilling and tasting series in my blog. This was well before the invention of HIVE and that damned hostile takeover. As I am keen to liven up my blog a little more and I like drinking different beers, I thought I'd rekindle my beer swilling and tasting reviews and continue on from where I last left off. If you'd like to read my previous reviews from 4 years ago, I have them listed below and you can see them on my HIVE blog now (rather than the old STEEM blog!)

Always remember, Australian Beer is the best in the world (though I am a little biased)

Australian Beer

Beer drinking in Australia is ingrained in our culture.
This is the next instalment of the Australian Beer Review from @scooter77

The aim of these reviews is to share the different types of beer produced in Australia and show why our beer is some of the best in the world.

Beer Review - #43 - Burleigh Mid-Tide Ale


Brewed by:

Burleigh Brewing Company

Alcohol Content:






Beer Type:

Pale Ale


Burleigh Brewing began in 2006 when craft beers were not really found in mainstream bars and bottle shops across Australia. Beginning in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast Australia, the team opened a tap house and released various brews onto the market. It is now a brewery that stands out in the Australian craft beer market and continues to experiment and expand across their range of beers.



Burleigh Mid-Tide Ale is available for purchase in:
375mL cans and on tap at selected pubs


Drinkers Review:

This smooth Pale Ale has a visual Gold color and hoppy aromas and flavours of juicy tangerine, and other fruity undertones. The aromatic American Hops will appeal to those that love the aroma but don't desire the bitterness usually associated with these hops. It is definitely a session beer that quenches a thirst on any hot summers day and accompanies almost any meal.

It's low alcohol content makes it a great one for a bbq down the beach or when you need to drive home. It can also be consumed on mass and doesn't give the drinker that heavy, bloated feeling that can be associated with other beers.

This is my go to beer for any hot summer day. Give it a go if you can get your hands on some cans.


5 out of 5 Stars


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Beer, the goodness that froths and refreshes!

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I visited there a few years ago, and the closeby Billabong factory :-)