Hive Engine Token Update 42


My weekly update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week. (It has bee a few weeks since my last post!)



$LEO has been pretty stable over the past month (apart from a few spikes). This strong community continues to add value to this token. Looking at some interesting new projects and incentives in the LEO sphere. Watch this space.

Current Token Price: 0.18663101 / $0.1731626
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.19001027 / $0.1539414

Screen Shot 20220416 at 8.58.11 am.png


DEC is an interesting one as it tends to hold against HIVE, no matter what the price of HIVE is, however, it has sunk over the past month against hive which has been a change to the normal pattern. As more use cases and sinks become available I tend to see DEC stabilising around here. There are plans for DEC to be able to be used to buy CL packs at 4000 DEC per pack which will potentially peg its value to that of credits (currently 0.1 of a cent)

Current Token Price: 0.00184840 / $0.0017146
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.0035759 / $0.0029106

Screen Shot 20220416 at 9.00.12 am.png


The Splintertalk token has stayed pretty stagnant over the past month. It still counts towards the SPS airdrop so there is value for the token still and you can utilise it to purchase various NFT's as well.

Current Token Price: 0.00230001 / $0.0021341
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.0025100 / $0.0020430

Screen Shot 20220416 at 9.04.06 am.png


The governance token of Splinterlands has moved around over the past month. With the release of Licences for SPS validator nodes, I think SPS is pretty cheap around this price in the long-term. The airdrop continues and once finished we should see an increase in SPS value.

Current Token Price: 0.14212746 / $0.1318731
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.13600003 / $0.1106944

Screen Shot 20220416 at 9.05.06 am.png


The vouchers are no longer needed for CL packs but there has been a large spike with the recent SPS validator node announcement. Vouchers can be used to get a discount on the licences. Vouchers continue to hold a strong value.

Current Token Price: 2.02000401 / $1.8742627
Token Price @ Last Update: 1.77000265 / $1.4406813

Screen Shot 20220416 at 9.07.13 am.png


The token of the WeedCash community token hasn't seen much movement over the past month as other tokens take the spotlight. It still has a strong community but a low daily volume has seen it drop away. Community members are passionate.

Current Token Price: 0.00990000 / $0.0092340
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.01280000 / $0.0104185

Screen Shot 20220416 at 9.08.55 am.png


VYB, the token of the Vybranium community, is a newish token and community. Spinning off from the ProofofBrain community, you can blog on the VYB platform without fear of downvotes and self voting. The token has slid over the past month as it is another niche community.

Current Token Price: 0.00580000 / $0.0054098
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.05500000 / $0.0447669

Screen Shot 20220416 at 9.09.44 am.png

If you'd like another strong token added to the update, drop a comment.

Thanks for reading.

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Small but mighty is the Weedcash community 🤣


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