Hive Engine Token Update 43


My weekly update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week.



$LEO has been pretty stable but has dropped a little over the last week. The token supports a very strong community that has excelled and outshone many other communities. It will be interesting to see if it grows further in value.

Current Token Price: 0.15055401 / $0.1285283
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.18663101 / $0.1731626

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.36.42 pm.png


DEC is floating around this level at the moment waiting for the next sink to come along. It seems to be the token that you are rewarded with and not much else at the moment. Once you can buy packs with DEC there will be some more value there.

Current Token Price: 0.00180313 / $0.0015358
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00184840 / $0.0017146

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.42.15 pm.png


The Splintertalk token has stayed pretty stagnant over the past month. It still counts towards the SPS airdrop so there is value for the token still and you can utilise it to purchase various NFT's as well.

Current Token Price: 0.00196852 / $0.0016772
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00230001 / $0.0021341

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.49.12 pm.png


The governance token continues to fluctuate and will continue to do so whilst the airdrop is one. Once this finishes I see SPS increasing in value as it's scarcity increases and the dumping stops. Good value at this price.

Current Token Price: 0.13756515 / $0.1171765
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.14212746 / $0.1318731

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.50.23 pm.png


The vouchers are no longer needed for CL packs but there has been a large spike with the recent SPS validator node announcement. Vouchers can be used to get a discount on the licences. Vouchers continue to hold a strong value.

Current Token Price: 2.00000103 / $1.7035789
Token Price @ Last Update: 2.02000401 / $1.8742627

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.52.21 pm.png


PLOTs are the token for land on Splinterlands. As these have been around a while and lands is yet to be released, a lot of plots have been dropped onto the market. At this price they are very good value.

Current Token Price: 235.00000000 / $199.3707100
Token Price @ Last Update: N/A

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.31.31 pm.png


The token of the WeedCash community token hasn't seen much movement lately. It still has a strong community but a low daily volume has seen it drop away. Community members are passionate which is why I hold some tokens and own a bunch of miners!

Current Token Price: 0.01097998 / $0.0093794
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00990000 / $0.0092340

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.55.35 pm.png


The CTP token is a little quiet sleeper. It is a very good community and continues to build and think and grow on the HE and HIVE ecosystem. I think this token is one of the ones to watch long-term as the community starts to release projects.

Current Token Price: 0.02519000 / $0.0215048
Token Price @ Last Update: N/A

Screen Shot 20220425 at 6.34.31 pm.png

If you'd like another strong token added to the update, drop a comment.

Thanks for reading.

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