Hive Engine Token Update 46

My weekly update to the different Hive-Engine tokens and their movement over the last week.



$LEO token continues to hold a steady rate and fluctuations are are from the HIVE pump recently. LEO PUD didn't have a huge effect on the overall price movement.

Current Token Price: 0.11310401 / $0.049
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.14000200 / $0.080

Screen Shot 20220704 at 7.29.15 pm.png


DEC continues to fluctuate around this level. The big buy candle has skewed the graph. Interested to see where the DEC sink comes from after the SPS airdrop ends.

Current Token Price: 0.00136009 / $0.001
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.00180008 / $0.001

Screen Shot 20220704 at 7.32.22 pm.png


The governance token continues to fluctuate and will continue to do so whilst the airdrop is on. It has also fluctuated in line with the HIVE pump. Once the airdrop is finished we should start to see the real price of SPS stabilise. I think it is a cheap purchase at the moment.

Current Token Price: 0.10204685 / $0.046
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.10620029 / $0.047

Screen Shot 20220705 at 12.21.43 pm.png


Voucher prices continue to drop. There are a number of reasons this could be happening. One is continued supply of vouchers and people dumping these on the market and not using them for licence purchasing. Until there is another use case released for vouchers then the price will continue to drop.

Current Token Price: 0.80200228 / $0.362
Token Price @ Last Update: 2.03000401 / $1.159

Screen Shot 20220705 at 12.23.38 pm.png


So you want to be a land owner? PLOTs are the token for land on Splinterlands. Prices have been affected by the price of HIVE but remain relatively cheap. Once lands are released, I can see these jumping back to the $1000 mark.

Current Token Price: 341.00000000 / $153.253
Token Price @ Last Update: 357.01000000 / $203.810

Screen Shot 20220705 at 12.26.09 pm.png


The token of the WeedCash community token still hasn't seen much movement lately. I keep accumulating and stacking as it has a strong and committed community.

Current Token Price: 0.00686300 / $0.003
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.01051000 / $0.006

Screen Shot 20220705 at 12.27.18 pm.png


The CTP token is a little quiet sleeper. It is a very good community and continues to build and think and grow on the HE and HIVE ecosystem. I think this token is one of the ones to watch long-term as the community starts to release projects.

Current Token Price: 0.01720020 / $0.008
Token Price @ Last Update: 0.02560000 / $0.015

Screen Shot 20220705 at 12.28.06 pm.png

If you'd like another strong token added to the update, drop a comment.

Thanks for reading.

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