Creating a Caring Community



Almost everywhere we look it seems as if our social fabric is frayed and coming unraveled.

But at the local level, in the communities where we live, it is possible for each of us to play a part in creating a caring community

You can make a difference where you live and work. Here are some intentions put in the positive, first-person present tense to help set your mind in the direction of becoming part of positive change in your community.

When your setting permits, read these affirmations aloud. You can also modify them to fit your situation and add new ones.

  • I am creating a caring community.

  • I see that it is time for a change. I am a part of the change. I am creating change for the better.

  • I reach out to my neighbors to see how I can be of assistance. I host gatherings that serve the community. I notice where my skills and talents can best be applied.

  • I reach out to my town to be of service. I help those in need. I am grateful that I have my health and can serve my town.

  • I find projects in my area that tug at my heartstrings. I create community projects that show how much I care.

  • I make use of my skills in project management and teach these skills to others in my community.

  • I use my time management skills to set appropriate boundaries in order to preserve my strength, so I have the energy to be of service to others.

  • I know there is a lot of rebuilding to do to bring my community to a place where all are included and recognized. I am happy to be a part of rebuilding my country. I realize that "many hands make light work."

  • I realize that I am powerful - a force to be reckoned with - and I can empower others, also, to join me in creating a caring community.

  • Today, I am grateful that I can make new friends through these service projects and find others who think like me. I am building a service-oriented community where we help each other.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do that will show my community that I care?

2. What service-oriented project tugs at my heartstrings?

3. How can I set boundaries in order to preserve my health?