Limiting Beliefs Limiting Goals

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Do you have dreams? Have you turned those dreams into goals?

If not, it may be because you tell yourself reasons why setting goals would be a waste of time. But behind those “reasons” that you give yourself may be beliefs that are limiting you from taking action on your dreams. Here are some common negative, self-limiting beliefs we commonly tell ourselves.

1. I’m so Busy

Everyone is busy these days. But everyone has the same twenty-four hours in the day.

Keep a log of how you spent your time. Do this for at least a week. (A month will give you even more awareness.) You can use pen and paper or one of the many digital hour tracking apps available.

Record your sleeping, preparing and eating meals, social media, getting ready for work, cleaning your house. Then review carefully how you spent the time. What could you stop doing that would free up hours for you to work on your dreams?

2. I Don’t Have the Ability

Everyone is born with certain talents or gifts.

Now, if you don’t have amazing eye-hand coordination, you may find attaining professional status in certain sports elusive! This is an example of a belief that is truly limiting for you.

But unlike natural born gifts, skills can be acquired. So, if you are limiting yourself because of a skill you don’t have, there’s a good chance that this is a false, negative limiting belief. Why? Because you could take a course and/or hire a tutor and commit to the practice necessary to gain that skill.

3. I Will Start When ...

“Timing is everything,” so the saying goes. And there is some truth in that. (Swinging at a major league pitcher’s fastball comes to mind!)

But if you are waiting for the “perfect” time, be careful. Are you telling yourself something like: “Once I get through this (insert tough project at work or home), I will start working on my dream.” Why are you waiting? Fear? Doubt? Don’t get to the end of your life and discover that the perfect time you waited for never arrived.

If you have a desire to improve yourself and the lives of others, start now with what you have. Don’t wait, now is the perfect time to set goals that will actualize your dreams.
“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

4. I’m Not Good Enough

What yardstick are you using to measure your “good enough”? Is it something your parents, teachers, some religious leader said about you (that you continually replay your self-talk)? Is it based on an experience with a failed relationship or business venture?

You’re not alone. Moses had a similar concern. You can read about his experience with self-doubt here: Exodus 3:11-4:15

You are always good enough to pursue your unique calling and purpose for being on this planet.


Self-limiting beliefs can be difficult to see. But they are often very visible when it comes to their effect in stopping people from setting goals to reach their dreams.

Take time to examine your thinking. What beliefs are having the most negative impact on your life? Ask yourself, “How would my behavior change if that belief were eliminated from my life?”

And when you find those beliefs that are not serving you, replace them with ones that can move you forward in setting and achieving your goals.

The ancient wisdom sums it up well:
Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. (Proverbs 4:23 GNT)

(GNT) Good News Translation® (Today’s English Version, Second Edition) © 1992 American Bible Society

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


I completely agree with the idea that we are often the biggest obstacle to our own success. It's hard, but often times the best way to start something is just to start it. It'll be messy, but that's the entire point of learning.

Thanks for sharing this uplifting message :)



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