Bought R178 Sax A Boom cards (x 4). (Day 242: I am playing the Rising Star game)

Hello everyone. I have been playing Rising Star Games for 242 days. After 242 days of play, we have reached Level 151.
My closest goal is to reach level 175.
I work hard for this every day.

Today I bought 4 cards from the market.
R178 Sax A Boom cards (x 4) cards.
It has Luck 50 and is a beautiful card.
Paid 3199 Starbits per R178 Sax A Boom card.
I think this price is cost effective.
One of the best offers in the market.
So I bought it.
Now I have a total luck of 10078.
I'm trying to keep buying INSTRUMENTS cards.

You can see my progress followers.
Level 151
Total Missions 9399
1100 cards
Fans 60155
Luck 10078
Skill 115847
Im 1108
Ranking: 303
Today is a little better than yesterday. Here are the results of my Rising Star game: I will discuss some improvements in the coming days. Thanks for reading. have a good day


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