My Hive Testimony; The way To Write a Perfect Testimony For Hive.


A proper testimonial is very important for any kind of Business, Organization, and Social Platform. Because a perfect testimonial is a bridge between product and customer. The most powerful material is used to build this bridge is trust between product and customer and trust between customer and organization or platform. On the other hand, Hive is a multi-purpose platform, So writing Testimony of #Hive is quite different from others. Thanks, @clivemartin, and @theycallmedan for such kind of great idea based initiative.


What Is A Testimony:

A Statement that described clearly how a product or service worked for a customer or user. Who are eligible to write this testimony?

Especially a Testimonial is a statement from a past customer or user. In this Statement, He or She describes how a product or service helped him or her. In this statement, he or she tries to show impact before and after comparisons or provide specific improvement statistics.


Reviews are directly written by customers without having any guidelines, So there are quite different between review and testimonial.

A very good story on the product and customer always represents a quality testimonial. Specific questions on the product and, good and informative explanations of those questions make the testimonial perfect. Short and conversational is the best way to write a better testimonial.

HIVE Testimonial:

Isn’t HIVE is a product? This is a very complicated question for every HIVE user. Hive creates value. Hive has a virtual existence. We can exchange Hive and we can convert Hive into liquid money. So that we can say, Hive is a product. On the other hand, the Hive is not all about the money, it's a great Blockchain-based Social media platform. Community-Based Decentralized Platform. The creativity of millions of hive users, the passion of millions of Hive users, the dedication of millions of Hive users, the patience of millions of Hive users also be the products of Hive.

So the best explanation of Hive as a product and a complete description of the experienced journey of dedicated Hive users will be the perfect testimony. So I'm going to write this testimonial in two-part.

Testimony Of Hive As A Product:

Do you want to earn some extra money? If the answer to this question is Yes. Let me introduce you to all a digital or crypto-currency. Earn money via crypto-currency is now the most trending topic in the world internet. The maximum number of Blockchain provides you a method of earning crypto by staking and trading and gaming. But earning Hive crypto is quite a difference. It's much easier than any other crypto. You can earn Hive without investing a single penny. Your daily activities, your creativity, your passion, your communication skills, your dedication, your plan, and your hard work will provide you a huge amount of Hive Crypto.


Having a virtual bank account in Hive blockchain can provide you a better stable career in the future. You can Stake your Hive for claiming a good reputation and power in Hive Blockchain. The most powerful decentralized blockchain is providing the best security for your digital assets. The ultimate freedom of transaction Hive.

I'm working for earning this Hive since 2018. From then Still, I'm feeling very comfortable with this crypto-currency. So I never feel to earn another crypto and never think to leave this Platform. Because every single day I just invest my time and my creative knowledge Here and able to earn much extra money for my self.

As crypto there has no alternative because you have the ultimate freedom to earn this, you have the ultimate freedom to make the transaction of Hive any time from any corner of the world. So Let try it.

If you are curious to earn #Hive crypto then visit link.

You Should Meet with some great people in Hive Blockchain. @theycallmedan, @nathanmars, @azircon, @tipu,@anomadsoul, @zaku,@priyanarc, @jaynie, @r2cornel, @kpine E.T.C.


My Hive Testimony:

Why and How I Joined Hive that's not very important for me. Why I'm still working with Hive Blockchain, is a very important question for me. That not a story of my life, that is my experience with Hive. The explanation of my experience with Hive will also answer the question, why Still I'm working with Hive.

I was nothing for, two years ago, but now I can feel I'm very special than other common people in our society. Because I'm investing my time for valuable feedback. But most of the people are wasting there time for nothing. I'm trying to improve my skills based on my creativity on the Hive platform. Via Facebook and other social media, I was unable to communicate with the people of the whole world. Believe me, now I have a lot of foreign audiences in my personal Hive Blog and Continuously I'm communicating with them.


Are you a member of any great community in any kind of social media platform? If you have are the community people are very helpful to each other? The answer to those two questions maybe yes or not, but If you are belonging from Hive Social media Platform, Without any hesitation you are a very proud member of many communities on Hive and every member of every Hive community is very helpful to each other. So that you not so alone in your Hive journey. Here I found my best adviser for developing myself and for my real life also. Here I found some great people and they are playing as a model human being for me. Maybe here, I'm also model for someone in Hive.

The great thing I learn from Hive is that helping mentality without any personal benefits, really helping me to gather fame in my real life. Why not for the other people in the Hive, because the basic theme of the Hive is helping each other. Without having a great helping mentality, no Hive user can continue his Hive journey at all. The most interesting thing about Hive really made me very surprised, you also have a benefit for helping other Hive users. This not about the "Give & Take" policy, it all about the reward for your helping mentality.

In our daily life mental satisfaction is very important. If you are very busy with your regular life, how you can get mental satisfaction for yourself. Hive Blockchain-Based Social media platform can be the best solution for you. Because creative works always increase our self-confidence and self-confidence is the highest level of mental satisfaction. Besides your mental satisfaction when you can get another way of earning it's really a great positive thing for any human being. Because It never makes you hopeless.


I love freedom, I love to talk about my philosophy, like to talk about my reality, I love to explain life with reality, I love to talk about my beloved country and also about my country people. The censorship based platform like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube will never allow me for everything but Hive is allow me for everything. Because there has no censorship in the Hive. Here you are your own boss.

On Hive I found @bdcommunity or we build BDcommunity for building powerful communication Skills in us. Being a part of this great community I feel really proud of myself, the bonding among us is more than the brotherhood. Let's join BDCommunity Discord Channel

Hope you all like this testimony about Hive.

Thanks for being with me.


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