"The Reverse Point Of Luck" (Cryto Biography)


তুমি যদি উদ্যমী এবং কঠোর পরিশ্রমি হও,
ভাগ্যদেবী অবশ্যই তোমার সঙ্গঁ দিবে !!!!

If you are diligent and hardworking,
The goddess of fortune must accompany you.

A reverse swing delivery is completely unknown to a Batsman until the bowl gets drops on the pitch. When the bowl gets its point on the pitch, it's not giving enough time to judge its reversing attributes. Either Batsman has to skip it, neither back to the pavilion playing it. The angle of the reverse gear of a vehicle is completely 180 degrees. Single degree angle reverse is also a reverse. The reverse never compromised with anyone.

Is luck use to compromise with our life? Or, we used to compromise with our luck. How luck will compromise with us! there has no physical existence of luck in our reality. We all know that but we all create an active image of a Goddess inside us and we called her luck. We never thank our luck Goddess for our achievement but we make her very responsible for our failure. Our success is the result of our dedication & hard work and our failure is reverse swing delivery by our Luck Goddess.


In a crypto trading platform what we searching for? We searching for the reversing point. In there the reverse makes us both gainer and loser. When we find out the reversing point, we make the decision. All the points after that point will give us some handsome profit. So we start our preparation on pre-point of that point. When that point is not giving us the reverse result, then the result completely goes reverse to our luck.

We added a pre-position before our luck and the luck become the bad luck. In the world of crypto trading, the reverse point can the point of luck and achievement. A point can make you the gainer and can make you the loser. So here, finding out the exact reversing point is very important. Within a day, within a month, maybe within a year it will quite difficult to find out the point of your luck. Your knowledge, your communication skills, your dedication, your hard work can help you to reach very close to the reverse point of your luck.

অন্ধকারে যতোই আপনি তীর, গুলি, গোলাবারুদ লিক্ষেপ করুন না কেন, নিশানায় আঘাত করার সম্ভবনা মাত্র 0%.
In the dark the bow, the bullet, the bomb whatever you throw to your target, the success rate of your is 0%.

In the world of crypto, there has no reverse point of luck, there has a reverse point of your patience, knowledge, dedication, engagement, hard work, and smart decision. Your luck never told you to come in crypto trading, your luck never suggest you chose a reverse point, you decide to come in the trading and you have to choose the exact reverse point for your luck.

Just Hive on, Hive will make you a very smart crypto trader if you wish it and deserve it.

Thanks for being with me.