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Hello @bearmol, good to see you 😍
I'm a little busy offline until 9 December so I get here when I can during the week (I didn't manage it at all during this past week). Congratulations on passing the 800HP mark, that must feel fantastic, you're doing so well 🙂.
I'm like you, Black Friday doesn't have any impact on my purchasing, in fact, I try to avoid it: all that stress! I'm finding there are quite a lot of good deals around now anyway for the things I want to buy, without having to psych myself up for Black Friday. A weekend or two ago, I was doing planned shopping - there was a 10% discount throughout the store and then another 15% on the particular items I was buying: 25% in total. I was happy with that on purchases I was going to make anyway!
I like your tips for the Festive Season: Mr P. would say "Don't hang your hat where you can't reach it". Similar advice, I guess 😍.