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You'll know when it is the right time to take on something new 😍.

Our sewing group is this week and I am going to ask about the next round of travelling books. I think I have written about it before: each participant has a sketchbook and decides their theme and then decorates their book and the first few pages accordingly ("rocks", "Basquiat", "flowers" etc). Each month, each book is passed to the next person in rotation and each participant has a month to respond to the theme of the sketchbook they have been given. They add a piece of work inspired by the theme and then write a little about it. The next month, all the books move on.

This year, I was thinking about joining. I had already been thinking about doing knitted samples, I thought it would be a good way (discipline?) to try out ideas inspired by different themes. Now I have done the retreat, I was thinking the travelling books would be a good way of building practice.

I put "Basquiat" as a joke because of your exhibition, but now I'm thinking that would be a good theme 😂