Conspiracy Theories Part 2 / Adrenochrome and the Money Trail


Today we continue with conspiracy theories, this topic is too interesting and the more information you seek, the more you enter a world quite different from the one you know.
In the previous article, I left a list of what was possibly the subject of this article, but unfortunately I got off track and was inspired more by the subject of that famous documentary that I could not find again, the one called, the fall of the cabal, if you are one of those who managed to see it, you have that knowledge about these theories and it is that they have a lot of logic if we join current events and some past events.

Today I would like to open a debate on two specific topics, a queen they call Reptilian and the money trail.


Ronald Bernard, a man who worked closely with the Elite or at least this is what he expresses in an interview, where he talks about how he got to that place, his gifts as a merchant and financial skills, were the attention of a very select group and he received that invitation to work directly with these people.One of his first instructions and perhaps the most valuable, was to have a freezer conscience, he was warned that in order to have large quantities, he would have to assume a great cost, but he did not imagine that it was the way he lived it.
Ronal speaks of a mass psychology, literally the theory that we are managed at the whim of a group that has total power, was in charge of being that direct negotiator with the part of moving money and keeping resources from different countries, from moving trucks full of money, even negotiating oil with Iraq and not in the best way.

This man reveals those theories that we have heard about false wars between powerful countries, which paint us as enmity, it is simply an armed game to move much more money than we can imagine and not only that, but armaments and even human trade network.
He reveals how the security agencies have a darker side than we expect, seen by many, as serving the population, when in reality what moves is a lot of money.
As money moves through foundations and if you follow the trail you will see that it reaches the pockets of very powerful people.

This part I had to see personally where I was working before entering Pob, a real estate company, where the business was renting and managing complete buildings, my bosses owned several and I also had to work with the owners of others. When I had to enter each of the archives, it turns out that these buildings were all in the name of foundations, even those of my bosses and they themselves spoke of evading taxes no matter what we thought, I worked with one of the families who say to be the owners of this country and I was able to see closely how the money travels, before reaching their bank accounts.

Ronald, ends this interview, giving the reason why he retired from those businesses and that is that he had to see rituals with children and that is where it all ended for him, he cannot stand it and it almost cost him his life, he was tortured, he lived on the run for years, away from his family, but what kept him alive was an endorsement that he carries, where he gives names and places and that is not convenient for the elite.


They are managed according to a pyramid called ¨The pyramid of power¨ which is made up first of those approximately 8,000 who have total control, followed by the IMF and Federal Reserve, then by central banks, followed by transnationals, then by the Masons and finally … And of course the population that is the one who supports this pyramid.
This topic is extensive but will soon bring a little more, for the moment let's move on to the next one.

The other dark side of humanity

The Queen, with the issue of whether or not she is reptilian, is a theory a little out of what my brain can assimilate, but what I can make sense of, is the theory of rituals that they practice with blood, much better If it is for children and it is that this queen and her husband, already dead, left a tasteless event in an event they did with a number of children on a totally harmless picnic afternoon, where those children did not return and after some denounced the fact , these people were left in a madhouse for the alleged false accusations to these royal leaders.


Let's talk a bit about Adrenochrome, known as the Elite drug, this name in 1998 was named in a movie called "panic and madness in las vegas" where it was shown as something very exciting. This drug is extracted from the blood of a human being, much better if it is from a child.
But for it to be a really powerful blood and to create said substance, these people or children must be tortured, since fear generates adrenaline and this spreads through the blood and is what produces the drug they need, the more scared the victim is. the better the result. Remember that adrenaline is a gland and by causing fear it is activated by secreting large amounts of adrenaline into the blood.


It is said that the Elite program their private and exclusive meetings behind closed doors to carry out these types of events, many hostels are in the hands of people who are part of these sects, this is one of the most famous and most researched theories, but it is also one of the most dangerous to pursue, many disappear in the attempt.
In the Deep web you can get this substance and if you do not know what this is, well I will bring it to you in another article, it is a really dark world ...
Some former Hollywood directors have publicly spoken about many of the things they should have seen in that world.

There are images within this documentary, which show an episode that of course was not news that has spread as something important, it shows a video and photo where a tourist records the moment in which a child is seen going down one of the windows of the royal palace.
Definitely something strange happens in this place, Diana's death is still a mystery since she had something great in her knowledge and today Megan also found it uncomfortable to belong to that royalty.
The truth is that I am struck by 2 facts that can make this theory a bit logical, one is the recent discovery in Canada of 215 children, who had been taken to a children's home school and never saw their families again and today We find this news so hard, what happened to them?

Another is an event that occurred in my country a few years ago, where a woman abandons her daughter for adoption and then when she is 5 years old, she returns to request custody, during the trial, for showing repentance, she is He grants a weekend with the girl, while the situation is decided, but unfortunately this woman murders her daughter and she is found doing this ritual of the extraction of blood.

I can continue, but it would be very extensive, they are topics that we can read for hours, such as the writings of the wise men of zion, have maturity and know how to express real opinions without falling into fanaticism or absurd discussions where perhaps we will not enter a precise answer.

The truth is that we are full of conspiracy theories and it is good to find out about the vast majority, in the end everything happens around us and perhaps there is still time to wake up.

Greetings and thanks for reading this second installment of conspiracy theories.

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