Conspiracy theories part 3 / Hitler and his escape / AIDS and its creation.


It is a pleasure to be with you, in this third installment of Conspiracy Theories, with very interesting topics for today.


Let's start with the case of Hitler's supposed death, which is understood to have been a suicide in a bunker when the Nazi empire fell. However, there is evidence that he did not die there.
Evidence that submarines arrived in Patagonia give proof of the contrary, this happened at the end of the Second World War; Although the authorities deny this, even the inhabitants of the area say that in the depths of it and at a level where the helmets of these structures cannot be seen, they are given the task of collecting part of the metals used. in building them.

According to several testimonies, and even available books, it is said that Hitler arrived in Bariloche in the winter of 1945 and there he had two possible locations which were changed alternately to maintain his safety.
One of these locations was a fully self-contained housing complex that had power generation plants, houses, and even a fountain; on the outskirts it was protected by surveillance posts that determined whether someone could have access or not. It should be noted that the only way to get there was by air or sea.
According to research, this character managed to go unnoticed because at that time, there was very little knowledge about him in the area; and in addition to all this there was a change in his physical image, since he himself had shaved his distinctive mustache and also shaved all his hair.


From this, other theories are created about the whereabouts of other great figures of Nazism, since it is estimated that practically all those involved in that movement managed to escape with their lives, and many of them were located in the United States under government protection. of the time.
All this was achieved because Argentina was in a climate of political uncertainty at that time, and as such, it was a country vulnerable to certain political issues, for which the Nazis saw in this an opportunity to escape from their aggressors.
This causes the theory of the Nuremberg trials to be discarded, since they were simply a facade, to try to create sympathy between people and make people think that some kind of justice had been administered by the authorities.
However, many people wonder why if the United States was against Nazism, and helped their overthrow, why did they make pacts with these people? The most important thing here is to know that the ideology of the Nazis was totally against of communism, one of the ideological tendencies that the North American country has always had as its main objective of elimination.

That is why a kind of pact was made, so that all the instructors of the United States special forces, such is the case of the green berets, were former leaders of the CCS.
This whole theory is supported by documents declassified by the US government in which there is evidence that there were meetings to process Hitler's transfer in 1949. Four years after the alleged death of Hitler due to a suicide in a bunker German.

Among the reasons why the suicide theory is discredited is that they say that the bunker in which the Fuhrer was found had no way out; However, it is understood that a type of person so prepared for this type of event would have devised a system of tunnels that would allow him to exit.
Unfortunately, in the Republic of Argentina many political entities refuse to declassify certain documents that prove this type of theory because they are considered state secrets, and as such it is considered that, if their content is made known, this could affect the political and social stability of the region, despite the events taking place more than 70 years ago.

Many of those close to the leader of the Nazi movement were Argentine oligarchs who even owned hotels in the Córdoba region; there is even the testimony of their adopted daughter, who says that the family had access to the Hitler family rooms.
However, Hitler's stay would last only until 1955 in Argentina, year in which he moved to Paraguay under the political protection of the government of the time; He also held meetings with his colleagues in regions such as Tunja in Colombia, with his close friend with the surname Citroën residing in Venezuela.

John f. kennedy
On the other hand, we have the story of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which presents many loose ends, because although it is true that the official versions accuse a man named Lee Harvey Oswalt, it is also true that he himself said that he in At no time had he fired at the then president of the United States.
While it is true that this character had a fairly strong ideology in favor of narcissism and the Soviet Union that existed at that time, it is also true that his rifle skills had declined over time, to such an extent that his superiors said that many times he had injured several people due to mishandling of weapons.


In this way, who began as a very agile person with the long-distance rifle, would become a person almost incapable of carrying out a series of shots as accurate as those that ended the life of the president in just 8.4 seconds.
Another fact that draws attention is that Oswalt at all times denied having fired the shots, a matter that is contradictory with a fanatic of certain ideologies. In addition, it mentioned that he had simply been a scapegoat, and that the people who had truly committed the crime were free, thus giving rise to a series of doubts about how the events occurred.
Apart from all this, just two days after his arrest, he was killed in a live broadcast on NBC, at that time, the suspect was transferred to the county jail.
The death of the main suspect in the Keneddy case opens the door to a series of questions about who were the people he named as the real culprits.

According to some people, they say that there are several inconsistencies, since it seems that the shots came from different positions, which makes Oswalt not the only one on the scene with a weapon capable of carrying out the murder.

On the other hand Jack Ruby, who was Oswalt's murderer, said that he had murdered this man simply to avoid the pain to the nation of bringing a trial that would be painful for many, including the first lady; who would have to testify and relive the moment.
This Jewish man had ties to the mafia, and also had lung cancer that would end his life only 3 years after being incarcerated for the Oswalt crime, which would make him the perfect candidate to do something, since he did not he had a long time to live.

Another of the possible candidates to be assassins of the president was the government of Cuba, since the Central American country did not enjoy its approval, since it wanted to end the mandate of Fidel Castro. This as a result of Kennedy authorizing the Bay of Pigs invasion.
In this, several militants excluded by the government of Cuba, were supported by the United States to overthrow the Castro dictatorship, however, this ended in failure, because the armed forces of that country managed to kill hundreds of those militants making the operation one of the most humiliating in history.

Despite all this, in subsequent statements, Fidel Castro himself said that Kennedy's assassination did not represent good news for his government because then the United States itself could retaliate against him.
Another of the theories directly links to the Central Intelligence Office or as it is known by its acronym in English CIA. In this it is said that said body wanted to end Kennedy, because it did not allow them to carry out the invasion against Cuba, and for this reason it had failed, making them look ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

That is why a series of events was organized to carry out this assassination and thus ensure that the scene of the invasion of Cuba and the fact of restricting the participation of this organization in it did not happen again.
In fact, according to some statements, they say that a person very close to Kennedy had had a talk with him, and in it he said that very strange things were happening at the CIA and that he was going to carry out an investigation to get to the bottom of it. .
This is coupled with the fact that CIA President Allen Dulles was immediately removed from his post when the failure of the invasion of Cuba occurred, which, I believe, was discontent in him; and after Kennedy's death, the now in charge transitional president would return his position to Allen and appoint him director of the commission to investigate the death.

Another fact that raises doubts about the death of the ex-president is that the security regulations were not being carried out with the same level as on other occasions, since the police escort was not present on the sides of the vehicle where he is he was hit by bullets.
Likewise, the vehicles that accompanied him were not in their usual positions, this was one of the functions that the CIA had to regulate and apparently they were not fulfilling their obligation at the time of the event.
Another of the possible implicated in the assassination is the mafia; since his brother Robert Kennedy was attorney general of the nation at that time, and he had a fairly strong fight against organized crime; for that reason, they were very pressured by the government and decided to finish off the president.

Another of the possible implicated in the assassination, was the then vice president Lyndon B. Johnson, who several times had tried to get to the presidency but had not succeeded; and given that Kennedy was very popular among the American people, it was going to be very difficult to remove him from power, in order to succeed in assuming the presidency; the only way would be to assassinate JFK.
To this is also added the possible rumors created by President Nixon, in which he said that Kennedy wanted to remove Johnson from his cabinet since he had a very damaged image, a product of scandals previously raised.
However, the first lady, in statements denied what Nixon said and said that Johnson would be taken into account by Kennedy in the event of a second term.
If we stop to think for a moment, we can see that the charges for which Johnson was accused were very strong, since he was even associated with money laundering, violation of contracts, bribery and many more; however, upon assuming the presidency, all those legal processes were invalidated.

There are many theories around this fact, perhaps in this way the original is disguised, but it is obvious that something else happened and it has not been fully revealed to the public opinion.


In another vein we also have the theories about AIDS, which dictate that this is not a virus that was created out of nothing; rather, it was created in some kind of laboratory to exterminate a certain sector of the population.
According to reports presented by a senior military officer of the United States Navy, he says that it was created in a well-known laboratory and that the disease is part of a large catalog of chemical and biological weapons created under the name MK NAOMI. , and that it would obey a direct order from President Nixon that was part of a global agenda dictated by the State Department.

HIV, was created in a laboratory in the well-known Fort Detrick, it was developed to destroy part of the population of the third world and other parts of the population of Africa, who constituted part of the world's poverty.
However, it was not only the pathogen that developed, but the cure for it. The way to introduce this to the population would be to disguise it through vaccination against other diseases such as smallpox. In this way it would be undetectable.
However, the first study for the development of the virus would be done in the state of Alabama in 1957, as well as studies would be carried out by the so-called Club of Rome during 1968.
This was based on the hypothesis that the population would experience a consumption of resources by the year 2000, which would bring it almost to the brink of extinction and the disappearance of capitalist systems and a large part of natural resources.

It was then that the project was financed by the US Congress, and it was intended that the methodology was to introduce the virus almost invisibly among the population, and once a certain number of people had died, it could be possible to bring to light the antidote, or the cure for it, as if it had recently been developed; all of this was called GLOBAL 2000.
But Hispanics and much of the African continent were not the only ones who were within the elite plans to end the population, since the virus was also introduced within the United States, this time in the form of the vaccine against hepatitis.
The project was carried out in Maryland, and it was the result of a warning from the then secretary of the United Nations U Thant, who warned that if the countries that happen to be arms powers could not contain the world population in some way, all his warnings could come true in a period of no more than ten years.
The groups that formed this alliance were the so-called Bilderberg group, the club of Rome, the council of foreign relations and the trilateral commission, which have bases in Freemasonry and are owners of much of the world, which does not agree with their policies.

Although theories have emerged that HIV has left the chimpanzee, this is almost invalidated, when studies are carried out and when a large amount of the virus is introduced into the apes; for a moment they suffer it and later they create antibodies and end up being completely healed, contrary to what happens with humans.
One of the hypotheses that was handled was that, in the manufacture of vaccines, they are first used in monkeys, and if they were infected when it came to getting the antidote to other diseases and not being able to detect the virus then people they could get HIV. Up to that point, it was possible to hide the virus through a fairly valid alibi, in which vaccine developers were used as a scapegoat, such as: polio, smallpox, etc.


Today we can maintain a critical sense about each of the issues that occur in our society, and thus through evidence obtained both audiovisual, and through results with specialized instruments create our own theories if we find something that doesn't seem entirely correct.
In this way we could remove the blindfold that we have on our eyes and give way to a better world in which the people who control it realize that we are able to avoid certain disasters and also know the history of the events that occurred. in the past and they have been quite cleverly concealed.

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It is good to read about these two topics
Although the first topic was what excited me because I am fond of history, the topic of AIDS was also interesting
thank you

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There are still plenty of questions regarding HIV origins, but the Fort Detrick theory was mostly debunked as russian propaganda during the Cold War.


I even try to avoid reading conspiracy theories.

Because I know I'm going to spend a lot of time researching reading and getting deeper hahaha

I've spent a lot of time immersed in things like this xD